Over the course of your drive, you probably find your gaze meeting your dashboard quite often. Positioned naturally in view, car makers strategically design the dashboard to get your attention. When this blank canvas lights up like a Christmas tree, the natural reaction is to panic. But, not all dashboard lights mean there's a problem under the hood.

At our Nissan dealership, we strive to help our local drivers in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton stay safe on the road and enjoy their Nissan travels to the fullest. Because we know the undue stress that can take over when an unfamiliar light comes into view, we set out to spread valuable knowledge around the topic.

By reading the dashboard light guide for your Nissan model, you can quickly learn how to recognize which lights require immediate action and which ones are more or less bearers of good news and normal function.

Select Your Nissan Model Below

Whether you drive an SUV or a subcompact, Nissan drivers in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton no longer have to panic when an unfamiliar light comes into view. Select your Nissan model below to get started!

Learn about Warnings vs. Indicators

Our dashboard light guides are sorted out by warnings and indicators. Because warning lights glow in red and yellow to better catch your eye while indicators wear a blue or green hue, knowing the difference is the first step in fighting your dashboard fears.

Get to Know System-Specific Lights

Most drivers are familiar with seeing their right or left turn signal flash on the dashboard. But, a new system on your Nissan may have its own symbol that you've yet to encounter. In Nissan 24's dashboard light guides, typical and system-specific lights are defined to help you quickly isolate which vehicle element is involved so you can plan your next move.

Take Action Sooner

Paying attention to your dashboard's signals for help is one of the most direct ways to get issues taken care of. Some problems that prompt dash lights are easy fixes that drivers can repair on their own while others require the attention of a certified Nissan pro. Our light guides act as a jumping off points to help you evaluate the severity of the associated cause so you can quickly take action, whether that's getting under the hood yourself, or swinging by our Nissan service center for a check-in. Schedule your service today at Nissan 24!

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