New car drivers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton know that the first drive in a new model may take some getting used to. While most makes and models share many of the same dashboard symbols, there are some slight differences between brands and their individual lineups.

Learn all there is to know about the dashboard lights in your Nissan Altima through Nissan 24's decode-and-go guide. Soon enough, you'll be able to quickly associate dash lights with their required actions, allowing you to address them, and get back on the road quickly and safely.

Nissan Altima Warning Lights

The first step in decoding the illuminated dash light in question is to determine whether it's classified as a warning light or an indicator light. Typically, red or orange in color, warning lights in your Nissan Altima signal an error with one of your Altima's inner systems that often requires maintenance.

Brake-related warning lights: Issues with your Altima's brakes may show signs of failure through your dashboard before your pedal begins to lose stopping power. The ABS warning light signals an issue with the anti-lock braking system, while the word BRAKE indicates parking brake use or low brake fluid levels.

Low tire pressure warning light: Your new Altima's tire pressure monitoring system makes staying ahead of tire maintenance much easier. If the system senses that air pressure has diminished below the manufacturer-recommended cold pressure limit, you'll see an exclamation point in parentheses on your dashboard.

Charge warning light: The battery-shaped symbol of this light warns of an issue with your Altima's charging system, which in turn powers the electrical aspects of your vehicle. Inspect the alternator and the battery light should disappear.

Nissan Altima Indicator Lights

Whether switching on your headlights, flicking a turn signal, or setting different drive modes, your Nissan Altima implores a variety of indicator lights.

The majority of these lights signal normal function. Here's a look at a few of the Altima's common indicators.

Cruise switch and set indicator: CRUISE or SET symbols indicate that cruise control has been turned on or is in use.

Light-related indicators: Your Altima includes three light-related indicators, letting you know which vehicle lights are in the on position. A blue light with a side-angled symbol with straight lines coming off it indicates that the high beams are on. Similar in appearance is the fog light indicator, which depicts this same blue-light, this time adding a wavy line intercepting it. When the side lights of headlights are shining, you'll see a set of two small green light symbols.

Malfunction indicator: If an engine-shaped cutout appears on your dashboard, your Altima may be running out of fuel. After refueling, this icon should disappear within a few driving trips.

Vehicle Dynamic Control indicators: Your Altima provides several vehicle dynamic control lights which indicate the conditions of road surfaces. For instance, if conditions are slippery, an image of a vehicle with wavy lines underneath will begin to blink (when vehicle dynamic control is active). This same symbol with the word OFF underneath indicates that the system has been set to the off position.

Intelligent Key Battery Indicator: If the battery of your Intelligent Key is low on power, a picture of a key with a battery bar underneath will appear on your dashboard. This lets you know it's time to give the key a charge.

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Knowing what to do when you see a new symbol light up in your Nissan Altima can help you tackle the roads of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton. By staying cognizant of your Altima's dash-light language, you can fix issues that arise in a timely manner and enjoy both thrilling and safe driving conditions.

To keep your Altima in tip-top shape, you can schedule your inspections and repair appointments with Nissan 24's maintenance facility. Our dedicated service team is your ally in getting down to the bottom of any issue in your Altima. Schedule your service appointment online with us today!

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