Picture this: You're rolling up to a stoplight in Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton, MA, when a strange light appears on your Nissan Sentra's dash. You can't quite make out its shape, but its red glow appears to be getting brighter. The traffic light turns green and your gut reaction is to jump ship or maybe surrender to the side of the road. What is this alien symbol and what could it want with your Nissan Sentra?

Had you read Nissan 24's Sentra dashboard light guide, you'd be a whole lot calmer and more collected right now. As you've probably experienced and can see from the example above, unfamiliar dash lights can wreak havoc on your conscience. Get to know your sedan's intentions by matching symbols to meanings below with our Nissan Sentra dashboard light guide.

Sentra Warning Lights

ABS Warning-The letters "ABS" lit up in bold lettering indicates an issue with the Sentra's Anti-lock Braking System. Have the vehicle inspected to fix the problem.

Brake Warnings-The word "BRAKE" or an exclamation symbol surrounded by a circle will appear if the parking brake is in use or brake fluid is low. Take note that low fluid could indicate a leak in the system, which jeopardizes braking function.

Charge Warning-If you see a battery-shaped symbol come into view, there is an issue with the vehicle's electrical system. Turn the engine off and check the belt and the battery.

Master Warning-An exclamation point inside a triangle could indicate that one of your doors is not shut properly. Close securely before continuing your drive. This symbol can indicate some other issues as well:

  • Parking brake release warning
  • Service CVT
  • Shift to park warning

Engine Oil Pressure Warning-An oil can symbol will glow if engine pressure is low. If this light appears, get to the side of the road, stop the engine, and seek help from an authorized dealer as soon as possible.

Intelligent Key Battery Warning-This light will appear as a key above a low battery symbol. This could indicate you need to have your key battery replaced.

Low Fuel Warning-Been awhile since you fueled up? If your Sentra's tank is nearly empty, a gas pump symbol will glow.

Low Tire Pressure Warning-If tire pressure is low, your Sentra's TPMS will let you know by illuminating a tire on a roadway symbol. Check and add air as soon as it is safe to do so.

Low Washer Fluid Warning-Seeing a curved rectangular shape with a wavy water line indicates that your windshield-washer fluid level is low. Refill at your convenience.

Power Steering Warning-A steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it glowing on your dashboard indicates that there's an error with the vehicle's power steering system and requires assistance.

Seat Belt Warning-A seated passenger with his seat belt on will come on upon ignition to remind you to fasten yours too.

Supplemental Air Bag Warning & Status-This symbol depicts a seated and belted passenger and a hovering circle to indicate an issue with the supplemental air bag. Have the system checked out to resolve the issue.

If there is no passenger in the front seat, a similar light will come on with an X through the air bag circle to show that it is disengaged.

Sentra Indicators

Cruise Main Switch Indicator-A light that shows a speedometer with the designated speed will appear when you have cruise control on. Based on the color of this light, it will also tell you the state of the system.

ECO Mode Indicator-The letters "ECO" in a box indicates ECO mode has been selected.

Light Function Indicators-Three symbols indicate light function. The blue High Beam Indicator has straight beams, the Front Fog Indicator has slanted beams, and the Side Light and Headlight symbols face one another in green.

Malfunction Indicator Light-An engine outline will appear if you are low on gas or missing your fuel cap. If the cap is tightened and gas is full but this light persists, bring your Sentra in for service.

Slip Indicator (ON & OFF)-A car with wavy tread lines underneath it indicates that the Vehicle Dynamic Control system is in use and has sensed slippery road conditions.

Turn Signal / Hazard Indicators-A green arrow will flash right or left when you activate the corresponding indicator upon making a turn.

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