Oil Change near Stoughton MA

When your vehicle needs service, search for an oil change near Stoughton, MA, and follow the results to Nissan 24. Our team of expert technicians are here and ready to give your car a thorough oil change service. Below, we've included an overview of why you should schedule an oil change, and the effects of being too lax with your oil's health.

Why Should You Get an Oil Change

A principal reason for getting your oil regularly serviced is that it puts you in the premium position of taking care of your vehicle's overall health. This helps you avoid issues arising down the road, as you've been monitoring your oil and catching any irregularities before they become problems. We encourage you to maintain this proactive stance, as the consequences of adopting a lax approach can be severe. In the next section, we'll touch upon this.

While we do believe that having direct access to your vehicle's owner's manual is an important factor in keeping your oil healthy, we realize that not everyone has such access. The good news is, there's a simple technique to staying on top of your vehicle's oil health, with or without a manual. You can physically inspect your oil and make sure that it is a translucent amber color with little to no particles floating around inside it.


What Are Some Signs that I Need an Oil Change?

As we mentioned previously, there are consequences when you take a lax position to oil maintenance. However, these signs can occur even in the presence of active monitoring. Ignoring them is what leads to future issues.

Perhaps the most direct sign that your oil has spoiled is when the "check oil" light is illuminated. When you see this icon light up on your dashboard, it typically means one of two things: one, that your oil needs to be changed; or two, here might not be enough oil in the system for it to work properly and it needs a refill. Of the signs, this is easiest to handle.

The next sign is the sudden occurrence of distinctive odors. Your vehicle produces some unpleasant odors during drive time, but there's some scents you should be more wary of than others. These "oily" scents generally begin to rise up from under the hood, but what helps to set them apart is that they're often accompanied by plumes of white smoke. Here is where you'll want to get serviced immediately.

Lastly, there is the noise sign. You've heard the engine buzz during driving, but when you notice that there's more of a banging and clanging in it. This signals that your oil is failing to protect the metal pieces inside your engine from scraping each other, thus resulting in the particular noises. You'll want to bring this in for service as soon as possible.

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Now that you've discovered where you can get an oil change near Stoughton, Massachusetts, it's time to act! Make today the day you call ahead to schedule oil service for your vehicle with us at Nissan 24!

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