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Nissan Rogue Maintenance Schedule

Nissan Rogue Maintenance Brockton MA

Finding ways to keep your Nissan Rogue lasting for years is easy. All you have to do is follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. These services, inspections, and replacements go a long way towards keeping your Nissan SUV performing at its best for a long time. To help Nissan Rogue drivers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton keep their SUVs in the best of shape, we’re going to show you your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

How to Decipher Your Nissan Rogue Maintenance Schedule

Following your Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule is easy. The important thing to understand is how it’s broken down. We’re breaking your schedule’s intervals down by mileage. Time can get tricky because no driver is the same.

Rogue Maintenance Schedule Brockton MAMany factors go into determining your maintenance schedule, but mileage is one of the easiest guidelines. Remember, each service that correlates with a certain mileage must be performed again when you add that mileage to your vehicle’s odometer. Now that you know how your maintenance schedule is organized, you’re prepared to learn about the services that will help keep your Nissan Rogue lasting through the years.

Nissan Rogue Service Intervals

  • 5,000 MilesDuring your first service interval, you’ll need to have your Nissan Rogue’s oil changed and your oil filter replaced. To help increase the lifespan of your tires, they’ll be rotated to ensure that they wear evenly. These services are considered general maintenance and they should be repeated every 5,000 miles.
  • 10,000 Miles On top of the general maintenance services, you’ll need to add a few more things to the list. You’ll need to inspect your Rogue’s automatic transmission or CVT fluid, differential oil, drive shaft boots, propeller shaft, and transfer case oil. Your braking system should also be inspected. This includes your brake lines, cables, pads, rotors, drums, and linings.
  • 15,000 Miles At this service interval, you’ll need to replace your in-cabin micro-filter and the battery in your Nissan Intelligent Key™.
  • 20,000 Miles This service interval requires your fuel lines, connections, and your fuel tank vapor vent system hoses to be inspected and replaced if necessary. You’ll also need to replace your brake fluid during this visit.
  • 30,000 Miles If you have a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), you’ll need to replace the fluid.
  • 40,000 Miles This visit requires your brake fluid to be replaced on top of the general maintenance services.
  • 50,000 Miles During this interval, you can add an engine drive belt inspection to your list.
  • 60,000 Miles This interval requires that you replace your spark plugs along with the overlapping services and inspections.
  • 105,000 Miles – At this service interval, you’ll need to replace your engine coolant.

Service Your Nissan Rogue in Brockton Today

Now that you know about the services that your Nissan Rogue needs, you’re ready to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for a long time. Drivers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton can always take their vehicle into our service department at Nissan 24. Our shop is stocked with the state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that can help us determine what your vehicle needs to perform at its best. Call or stop by to schedule your service appointment today!