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2016 Nissan NV Review Brockton MA

If you want to carry a lot of passengers, haul a large load, and ride in style all at the same time, you need a large passenger van. These vehicles are a must-have for any group, organization, or facility that frequently transfers larger numbers of passengers. They’re also great for families who need more room than the average van provides.

2016 Nissan NVThe great thing about large vans is that they’re tough, durable workhorses that will get your heavy hauling accomplished as well as most pickup trucks. This versatility is what’s so appealing to people in the areas of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton—people looking for more than what the average minivan has to offer.

Nissan 24 is proud to provide customers with options for good-quality full-size vans, including the 2016 Nissan NV Passenger NV3500 HD. For your convenience, here’s a review of this passenger van.

What’s to Love?

There are multiple benefits to owning a full-size van that you won’t get with any other style of vehicle, including a large SUV. The major perk with the NV Passenger NV3500 HD is that it’s capable of seating up to 12 passengers. The seating can also be arranged in over 300 different ways to fit any needs you might have.

This is the perfect size for groups who need to transfer more than what the average car will hold but is less than a costly bus. Larger families looking for a comfortable solution for transportation will also love owning a full-size van. Though most buyers who are drawn to these vehicles are moving larger numbers of people, you don’t need a large family or to be in a group to enjoy the style. This van provides room, power, and style all in one convenient package.

2016 Nissan NV TechnologyOwning a large van does not mean that you have to skip the cool technological features. The higher trims of the Nissan NV Passenger van come equipped with the innovative Nissan Connect package. This feature will keep you connected to the world as you are taking trips or commuting in your van. When you combine this package with the luxurious comfort that you will find inside the NV3500 HD, you have the perfect cruiser.

One of the most desirable features of the NV3500 HD is the exterior style. This isn’t a vehicle for those who are ready to surrender style for comfort, power, and convenience. The designers of the NV3500 HD took special care to give this full-size passenger van the great exterior appearance that’s featured on all Nissan models. You’ll find that this make and model is edgier and more streamlined than any other currently on the market.

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If you’re shopping for a full-size passenger van in the areas of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, stop by Nissan 24 and test drive a new 2016 Nissan NV. For more information, contact a representative today.