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2015 Nissan LEAF Review

2015 Nissan LEAFThe 2015 Nissan LEAF is much like the last version of the vehicle. There is an added color choice in the shade of “Blue Ocean,” that replaces one of the older color options, but other than that, many of the popular features remain unchanged.

The entry level vehicle does not have standard cruise control and the upgrades have new features such as hands free assistance for phone calls and text messaging and the price is going down by about $2,500 as well.

There are no exterior changes from the previous model year other than the color option and there are no interior changes to design, comfort, or aesthetics. The audio and entertainment comes with the messaging assistant but otherwise remains unchanged. For those who enjoy the Nissan LEAF, the 2015 version will be a great addition to any garage.


The Nissan LEAF is a battery charged, electric vehicle that first came onto the scene in 1997. The new engine is better than ever before and can hold a longer charge. The 24 kWh battery has 48 modules and can retain 80% of its capacity after 10 years. There are a number of things drivers can do to maintain the battery life for as long as possible such as keeping the vehicle out of warm or cold temperatures for long periods of time. The 80-kilowatt electric motor can put out 107 in horsepower, giving it a sense of instant power delivery that rivals all other compact vehicles and electric cars.


2015 Nissan LEAF InteriorThe interior of the vehicle looks almost futuristic and the quality is similar to what is found in other compact vehicles. There are both hard and soft materials involved. There is more cargo space in the LEAF than what is found in other compact vehicles and the seating comes with cloth upholstery as a standard feature. There are also heated front seats and leather options available. The front seats are comfortable and roomy while the back seats are a bit smaller. The vehicles come with Bluetooth connectivity and automatic climate control as well as a stereo and satellite radio and USB ports. There are optional features available as well including navigation, backup cameras and other items. The cargo space behind the second seats has 24 cubic feet of space, but can be increased by folding down the back seats.


The exterior of the Nissan LEAF is very sporty in design. It comes in seven different colors, but is very small and aerodynamic. The idea behind the exterior is a sporty looking battery operated vehicle that is good for individuals or even small families.


All Nissan LEAF vehicles come fitted with standard front and side airbags as well as curtain airbags. They also have traction stability control systems as well as monitoring systems that help drivers keep track of air pressure in the tires. Nissan 24, a trusted used car dealer, has plenty of Nissan LEAF options to consider. The dealership is located on Belmont Street and has a range of models on the lot and in the showroom. Buyers can take a look at the Nissan LEAF as well as Nissa Altima vehicles, Sentra options, Rogue AWD vehicles and even the larger Pathfinder to name just a few. Nissan 24 also has a full service center for drivers who already own Nissan vehicles and need to have regular maintenance or repairs performed.