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2013 Nissan Z Coupe Review

2013 Nissan Z Coupe Reviewed

To paraphrase a little bit, this is not your father’s Z car. The Z car has been a part of the American sports car landscape for so long that you could say that it’s not your grandfather’s Z either, back in the 70s.

13-370Z-CLR-03They were numbered back then, as in ‘240Z’, for example. The first 240Z was made available in 1969. Today’s Nissan moniker is simply ‘Z.’ That simple label is all that’s required. Technically, the modern incarnation is the 370Z, but to enthusiasts, it’s simply a ‘Z’ car. We’re now into the sixth generation of Z cars. It’s been quite a run.

Today, the Z coupe’s exterior is evocative of the classic Porsche design. Yet, it manages to maintain its own unique look among the two-seater coupes in today’s marketplace.

The 2013 roadster includes the 332 hp V-6, coupled with a six speed manual or a seven speed automatic transmission. Large 18 inch tires surely grip the road. The rims generate a great deal of enthusiasm. The sports package upgrades those to 19s, to further enhance cornering. The package also features firmer shocks and red calipers.

Sports cars align themselves on the spectrum to offer an either more or less refined experience. The Nissan Z coupe will please the driver that likes the sound from the V-6 at high rpms. One that likes to feel in touch with the road won’t mind the level of road noise either. The 370Z is perhaps designed less so for those who want to simply mimic the sports car experience. You’ll be enveloped in a luxurious interior, but this is a rougher, ‘sportier’ ride.

Two new colors are offered in the 2013s. The Midnight Blue and the Magma Red are both deep, rich luminescent tones. The 2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe gets a front fascia with a new look as well. Daytime running lights are now included.

This Nissan’s performance in Car and Driver’s tests of ‘Best-Handling Cars Under $40,000’ was notable. It achieved the best skidpad numbers, while finishing second in both braking distance and slalom velocity.

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