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2013 Nissan Titan Review

2013 Nissan Titan Reviewed

Any vehicle that takes the name “Titan” has a lot to live up to- the name itself elicits thoughts of power, performance, and unmatched capability. The 2013 Nissan Titan does, in fact, live up to its title in several different areas. The 5.6-Liter, V-8 engine lets out a satisfying roar when you step on the gas pedal. The engine truly does growl with power. The muscle that rests underneath the vehicle’s hood ripples outwards from its 385-pound capability for torque. The 317 horses waiting to be unleashed will make any truck owner proud.

13-TTN-CLR-30Though not at the top of its class in power, the combination of the transmission, finely-tuned power train, and raw power are built to sync up for performance. Four-wheel drive and a stiff suspension give drivers full confidence that their Titan is ready for nearly any terrain. Ten inches of ground clearance and skid plates are just daring the owner to test its off-roading performance.

The towing capability of the vehicle is also on par with its other specs. It is rated for roughly 9,400 pounds of towing capacity. The vehicle handles well, despite its rather large body design. When you are actually in the driver’s seat, the vehicle feels much smaller than it really is. It handles well at both high and low speeds.

Truck owners are typically looking for hauling ability. The Titan makes the grade here as well. The bed is extremely cargo-friendly. Built-in hooks for securing loads is always a plus. The style of the truck itself is appealing without being overstated. There is enough chrome to give the vehicle some presence, but the features and lines of the vehicle are not exaggerated. The darker finish along the skid plates give the vehicle a refined sense of style that does not sacrifice on the feature’s functionality.

The interior design focuses less on style and more on raw usability. There is very little frill or unnecessary additions of soft-leathers and other luxury materials. The majority of covers and dashboard accessories are plastic and traditional. However, the Titan does take one flashy step forward by offering white-stitching accents on the seat covers.

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