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2013 Nissan LEAF Review

2013 Nissan Leaf Reviewed

The 2013 Nissan Leaf is one of the most unique cars to hit the car market. As the first all-electric vehicle offered on the general US car market, it has no tailpipe and produces zero local emissions. The all-electric nature of the Leaf puts the car in a different performance class from gasoline or even hybrid vehicles.

2013 Nissan Leaf in QuincyDriving with the Leaf is a nearly silent experience thanks to the electric motor, and the heavy battery and wide wheelbase paired with electric steering assists make for a grounded and solid handling experience. 4-wheel ABS along with traction and stability control are standard, as well as a standard security system.

As always with electric vehicles, range is a major concern, and the Leaf averages between 70 and 80 miles on a single charge. Obviously, home charging capability is a must, although a standard household outlet will take quite a while for a full charge compared to a purpose-built charging station. The 2013 is expected to add additional driving range.

The Leaf is styled somewhat like a more aerodynamic version of its cousin, the hatchback Nissan Versa. The Leaf is designed for minimal wind resistance to increase range as much as possible, and has a uniquely flared rear end and rounded nose. Inside, the front and rear seats offer plenty of room and the dashboard and controls are pleasingly well-designed and finished. Cargo space, however, is somewhat smaller than comparable modern hatchbacks.

The Leaf comes in two trims, the SV and the higher SL. The SV is quite feature-rich for a base trim and has features like automatic climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system as standard. The SL trim also adds a small solar panel and a special quick-charging port along with luxury features like a backup camera and automatic headlights.

The Nissan Leaf is, ultimately, a very well-designed and feature-laden automobile and is groundbreaking in being the first widely available electric vehicle. Although the all-electric system does have a somewhat limited range compared to traditional cars, the ability to drive completely free from a gasoline pump puts the Leaf in a class of its own.

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