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2012 Nissan Leaf Review

2012 Nissan Leaf Reviewed

If you are looking to save money on gas, help the environment or just have the latest innovation in automobile technology, you can get it all in the 2012 Nissan Leaf. While hybrids offer a blend of electric and gas, the Leaf offers an electric-only motor that can go up to 100 miles before needing a charge. It creates no emissions, requires no gasoline and looks great doing it.

To the driver, the Leaf is just like any other vehicle. It has great pick-up. It can go up to 90 miles per hour. It can climb hills and keep up with interstate traffic. Some drivers think the brake pedal doesn’t have the same feel, but the anti-lock brakes definitely have ample stopping power. Drivers really like how it operates with the push of a button and how there is no engine noise. To ensure a quiet ride, Nissan designed the cabin to minimize the drone of other cars.

leafThe 2012 Leaf saves energy through multiple innovations. The Nissan engineers put together a front spoiler and a rear diffuser with a flat underbody. This combination reduces drag and allows the Leaf to go further with less energy. Many drivers also get the optional solar rear spoiler. This allows them to harness solar energy for their AC and entertainment technologies. Whereas hybrids use heavy nickel-metal hydride batteries, the Leaf uses a lithium ion battery that weighs only half of a hybrid’s. Bright LED headlights easily reduce energy use by about 50 percent.

Since the Leaf’s emphasis is on modern living, Nissan includes the CARWINGS system. This allows your computer or smartphone to stay connected to your vehicle. You can pre-set the HVAC and be comfortable from the moment you climb inside. You can track your battery’s charge and schedule it to charge while you are sleeping.

The Leaf doesn’t skimp on passenger room either. It is designed to seat five comfortably and still allow 24 cubic feet for storage. Nissan loaded it with a six speaker audio system, MP3 capability, a USB port, Sirius XM radio, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.

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