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2012 Nissan Frontier Review

The 2012 Nissan Frontier is a top contender in the mid-sized truck category this year. The 261 horse power, up-and-move truck is powered by a 4 liter, V-6 engine. Full-size truck fans can take appreciation in the available power and torque supply. Powerful passing and mid-range acceleration make it a treat for many truck enthusiasts.

The Frontier’s engine also pairs well with its automatic transmission system. Manual is also a well-working option, although the shift throws could be considered long for some. Being the very adequate mid-size that it is, the 2012 Frontier also boasts a comfortable 6500 pound towing capacity. Rear and four wheel drive are the available drive options.

2012 nissan frontierAdditionally, there is a four-cylinder model available, rated at 2.5 liters and 152 horsepower. Fuel economy is a plus with this version. However, it lacks the full power of the V-6 version and may not be ideal for those looking to haul heavy loads and simultaneously perform so impressively.

The body style of the 2012 Frontier is similar to most models before it; Nissan has not subjected the Frontier to any major style-design changes is over 10 years. This may be a turn-off to some who are always on the lookout for the newest cutting edge look. But for most truck lovers, there is an avid appreciation for its now classic and distinguished tough and rugged look. Exposed bolts, sporty trim, available roof racks, make for a bold appearance.

More in the way of choice comes with the Frontier’s available cab options. The King and Crew cab are easily obtained on most all trim packages. With the Crew Cab, you get a slightly shorter truck bed, but gain four door passenger capability. The King Cab lessens passenger space, but makes up for it in bed size.

The overall theme to the 2012 Frontier – Options and Power. It is highly competitive with the Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Dakota and is every bit as capable. This is in reference to all important aspects of truck functionality and modern expectation. In conclusion, the 2012 Nissan Frontier is a winner just about any truck enthusiast’s book.

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