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2012 Nissan Cube Review

2012 Nissan Cube: Urban Access Vehicle

There’s no denying the Cube’s uniqueness and visual appeal. From the smooth curve of the rear window to the retro dashboard design, this car has looks that appeal to retirees, teenagers, and everybody in between.

A car this small cannot be comfortable, right? Wrong! What amazes people who test-drive the 2012 Nissan Cube is how big it feels inside. You’ll never have to turn yourself into a pretzel to access this vehicle, and seat size is surprisingly generous. The tall cab and all that glass afford great visibility, while ergonomic design and research inspire the sensible instrument placement.

cubeNimble handling, a short turning circle, and quick braking make the Cube fun to drive. No, it won’t compete with a Nissan Z for acceleration, but most subcompact buyers don’t plan to be hitting the test track anytime soon. What you get, power-wise, is more than you need for commuting, errands, and recreation, the kinds of driving that most people do most often.

With the rear seats folded down, the Cube becomes an ideal hauling vehicle. With the seats up, four buddies or gal pals can head out for a night on the town. Child car seats fit easily into front or rear, while side, front and rear curtain airbags are standard. Powered windows, locks, and mirrors come on all Cube models.

The 227 horses in its 1.8L engine let the Nissan tackle hills and negotiate curvy roads on the way to the slopes or the beach. In town, the Cube is so easy to park, you’ll be slipping into the smallest spaces with no rise in your blood pressure. Gas mileage is 27/31, ensuring that you can steer clear of the pumps for quite a while between fill-ups.

Nissan built its reputation on reliability, safety, and aggressive styling. The Cube embodies these values, from its worry-free service records to its elevated cupholders. This is not a land yacht for long-distance trips, but there’s no cooler way to zip around a city.

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