Vehicle Comparisons:
2017 Nissan Rogue vs 2017 Toyota RAV4 Car Comparison

When you live in the Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton area, you need a vehicle capable of handling a wide variety of weather conditions, all while maintaining high fuel efficiency. And while SUVs are often known for the former, they are not as well known for the latter. The 2017 Nissan Rogue and the 2017 Toyota RAV4, however, test this stigma.2017 Nissan Rogue Red (c)

When you’re choosing your next vehicle, which can you depend on the most? Through this comparison, our team at Nissan 24 will help you find out.

2017 Nissan Rogue Performance vs. 2017 Toyota RAV4 Performance

There are few things more nerve-wracking than driving on dangerously slippery roads. However, when it is unavoidable, you need a vehicle that can handle intelligently. The 2017 Nissan Rogue comes with available, intuitive all-wheel drive and active ride and trace controls. Both systems help the SUV to maintain total precision and gripping power.

Nevertheless, thanks to an eco-mode and Xtronic continuously variable transmission®, the Rogue won’t eat up your gas. It maintains an impressive 32 mpg highway and 25 mpg city,1 making it a highly economical choice.

The 2017 Toyota RAV4, on the other hand, is unremarkable in terms of performance. Its standard six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive make it both less stable and less efficient. On average, it can only maintain 30 mpg highway and 23 mpg city.

Nissan Safety vs. Toyota Safety

Added safety technologies can be very helpful in a vehicle. But without the right framework backing them up, they won’t be nearly as effective. That’s why Nissan built the Rogue with the dynamic Zone body, which includes fortifications such as:

  • Impact-absorbing front and rear crumple zones
  • Hood buckling creases and safety stops
  • Pipe-style steel side-door guard beams
  • Break-away engine mounts

A unitary body stands at the core of the Toyota RAV4. However, it contains none of the extra reinforcements that make the Nissan Rogue such an unyielding vehicle. In the event of a collision, the RAV4 might buckle under pressure.

Nissan Rogue Interior vs. Toyota RAV4 Interior

2017 Nissan Rogue Technology (c)When you purchase an SUV, your expectation is likely that you’ll have more space than in a midsize sedan. In the Rogue, with its 105.8 cubic feet of passenger space, this is definitely true. Drivers in particular will have 41.6 inches of headroom and 43 of legroom.

Keeping cargo separate from passengers is important as well. The Rogue has not only 39.3 cubic feet of cargo space, but also the patented Divide-N-Hide® cargo system. Using this, you can easily keep your luggage secure and out of sight.

Divide-N-Hide® can only be found in the Rogue, which is unfortunate for drivers of the RAV4, who have less space to begin with. Overall, they have only 101.9 cubic feet of passenger space and 38.4 cubic feet of trunk space. Driver headroom and legroom is downgraded, too.

2017 Nissan Rogue vs 2017 Toyota RAV4

When driving an SUV, comfort and control are of the utmost importance. While the 2017 Toyota RAV4 is somewhat lacking in both, the 2017 Nissan Rogue has more than enough. Any drivers in the Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton area looking for improved handling and efficiency should take the Rogue for a spin. Contact Nissan 24 today to schedule your test drive.



1 Fuel economy based on Targeted 2017 EPA fuel economy estimates for 2017 Rogue®. EPA data not available at time of publication. Targeted 2017 fuel economy of: 
• 26 city MPG or 33 highway MPG or 29 combined MPG estimate (S, SV, and SL trims)
• 33 city MPG or 35 highway MPG or 34 combined MPG estimate (SV hybrid and SL hybrid trims) based on Nissan internal testing results, subject to EPA confirmation. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions — use for comparison only.

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