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Vehicle Comparisons:
Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord

If it’s finally time for you to purchase your next car in Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton, the most interesting option is driving a midsize sedan such as the Nissan Altima or the Honda Accord. These two vehicles are the cream of the crop in the midsize class and choosing either model means having the world-class driving experience that you deserve.

Before you make your decision, however, it’s crucial to compare the features of the Altima and Accord, so that you can be sure you’re investing your money wisely. In this Nissan 24 comparison of the 2019 Nissan Altima and 2019 Honda Accord, you’ll learn about the best features of these vehicles, so you can pick your perfect sedan.

Sedan Tech Options

Out of all the different categories where we could compare the Altima and the Accord, technology is one of the most useful. While both sedans provide exciting technology, there are enough differences that this category should help you choose your next car.

Whichever car you drive, you’ll have access to a high-quality sound system. However, for consumers who want the best sound possible, the Altima and its available Bose® system is the better choice. Pick the Altima, and you’ll also have features that make driving more relaxing and rewarding, including a Remote Engine Start system that can set your climate control.

Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord: Which Sedan Performs Better?

At the end of the day, performance is what matters most when you’re choosing a new car, and the 2019 Nissan Altima and the 2019 Honda Accord are no exceptions. The Altima manages to successfully outshine the Accord in this category with its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.

This available feature is able to adapt to such road conditions as rain, snow, and sleet by distributing the necessary amounts of power to the appropriate wheels in order to supply you with optimum traction and control.

Your Perfect Safety Features

As you can probably tell, the Altima and the Accord are both outstanding sedans, and one of the areas where they are very closely matched is safety. Choosing these cars means being secure whenever you hit the road.

The Accord comes equipped with Honda Sensing®, a renowned safety suite that provides innovative features such as collision mitigation braking. In the Altima, your safety will be guaranteed by Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a full-featured safety suite that includes Blind Spot Monitoring and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Pick the 2019 Nissan Altima

After comparing the strongest features of the Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord, it should be obvious that the Altima is the better midsize sedan, particularly in terms of performance and technology. To experience the 2019 Nissan Altima yourself, contact us today and schedule your test drive.

Our team loves helping car shoppers from Randolph, Stoughton, and Brockton, and is ready to help you find an automobile that you’ll love driving for years to come. Visit our dealership today.

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