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Vehicle Comparisons:
2014 Nissan Sentra vs 2014 Honda Civic

2014 Nissan Sentra BlueEconomy cars used to be fairly cut and dry: the basic necessities with a couple of options and an engine that allows the car to go. That has changed with the addition of technology, and the public outcry for more of everything in the traditional compact car from a better engine to more fuel economy to Bluetooth connectivity to power windows, doors, and seats. Luckily, manufacturers heard these pleas for more comfort and have responded well. The two cars near the top of this class are the 2014 Nissan Sentra and the 2014 Honda Civic, and while the Civic is in a bit of a rebirth, the Sentra has been redesigned to combine economy with a bit of comfort.

2014 Nissan Sentra

2013 saw a design overhaul for the Sentra that added space to the interior and beefed up the exterior looks a bit, but the main complaint was how the car drove; luckily, Nissan took care of this for 2014. 

Engine and Fuel Economy

The Sentra offers a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that puts out about 130 horsepower at 128 foot pounds of torque with either a six speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission. The Sentra was not made to win drag races, but with top of the class fuel economy in the CVT model at 30 miles to the gallon in the city and 39 highway miles per gallon estimated, most drivers won’t care about beating the Mustang next to them off the line at a red light. The manual carries an estimated 27 city and 36 highway miles per gallon, which is still nothing to shrug at in this department.


2014 Nissan Sentra InteriorThe Sentra has made plenty of test drivers and reviewers quite pleased with the amount of room inside the cabin, even taller drivers find plenty of head room, while the back seat passengers have lots of leg room as well. NissanConnect adds to the technology and allows smartphone connectivity for everything from hands-free calling to easy music selection. Nissan has also made the interior a solid construct that feels well put together and long-lasting. With 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space, the Sentra, once again, is found acting like a midsize sedan.

2014 Honda Civic

Honda was one of the last automakers to catch on to luxuriating their economy cars and compacts, but when they finally did, they did an overall good job. 


With the exact same size engine as the Sentra, a 1.8 liter four cylinder, the Civic is able to put out a bit more power at 143 horse power over 129 foot pounds of torque that see it get up to 60 miles per hour about a second faster than the Sentra. The fuel economy, however, takes a bit of a hit because of the power gained from the engine. The Civic sees a 29 miles per gallon city estimate and 39 miles per gallon highway estimated fuel economy. 


With only 12.5 cubic feet for storage, fairly tight leg room for rear seat passengers, and tight space for the front passenger and driver, the cabin and storage of the Civic pale in comparison to the Sentra. Combine that with hard to use audio and dash controls and the extra thousand dollars for the 2014 Civic, and the Sentra looks like the smart choice. 

Combining fuel economy with almost luxurious space for more than $1,000 less, the 2014 Nissan Sentra is a practical choice for drivers.

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