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Vehicle Comparisons:
2013 Nissan Sentra vs. 2013 Honda Civic

Both the 2013 Nissan Sentra and the same year’s Honda Civic are well-known contenders in the reliably performing compact category. Granted, there are plenty of domestic options, but they usually start falling apart after three or four years or as soon as the initial warranty ends. Nissan and Honda, on the other hand, both have a long-standing reputation for building a good car, even if it is compact.

When comparing the two, there’s no question that the Nissan Sentra has an uphill battle. The Civic has dominated the foreign compact sales figures for years, beating both Nissan and Toyota’s Corolla option. Still the Boston Nissan Sentra dealers sell cars.


For the interior the Nissan Sentra has more comfort built into its design with cushions, arm rests, and visors. The Honda Civic isn’t far behind, it’s just not quite as fancy. In this regard, the Nissan Sentra seems to offer a buyer a bit more for his money when comparing the two. In terms of sound dampening performance, the Sentra also gets thumbs up for a very quiet ride, eliminating road noise considerably. The Civic still tends to drive with a lot of engine noise as it goes up and down in gears.

Driving and Handling

Along with the quieter ride, the Sentra also has a softer drive, dampening more of the ride than the Civic does. The Civic does perform better on curves and responsive handling with a redesigned suspension, but most people using a Sentra are not doing so for road rallies and mountain racing. So, it’s a Honda advantage that doesn’t matter much.

In terms of engine performance, a lot depends on what a driver wants. If fuel efficiency is the goal, the Sentra will win with its continuously variable transmission. If speed and response are the key, the Honda will do better with an outdated but very reliable five-gear transmission. Both cars use a four-cylinder engine, so the acceleration performance is predominantly in the transmission transfer. The efficiency comes out in the fuel performance with the Sentra scoring 36.6 mpg combined and the Civic at 35.1 mpg on city and highway combined.

In Summary

So if choosing a car, what the compact will be used for provides a critical factor on the Sentra over the Civic or vice versa. However, for commuter-types, the Sentra wins more points overall. Visit your local Boston Nissan dealer for more information on this award-winning compact.