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Vehicle Comparisons:
2013 Nissan Leaf vs. 2013 Toyota Prius

2013 Nissan Leaf in QuincyA showdown between two hybrid cars doesn’t necessarily evoke thrills of
a dragster race or a major bout between two muscle cars. In fact, the
idea of measuring battery power probably makes most car aficionados
giggle at first thought. However, there is a valid matchup between the
2013 Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius made in the same year. Both cars
represent the industry leaders in ecologically friendly cars, and both
leave a great footprint in terms of small fuel consumption and great
mileage output.

The Prius

The 2013 Toyota Prius represents multiple generations of Toyota’s work
and re-engineering of the hybrid car. There were a number of rookie
issues with the first generation when the Prius came out, and many of
those issues have been improved or replaced with the latest version of
the car. The current version of the car puts out 51 mpg on the highway
and barely loses efficiency at 48 mpg in the city.

The Prius is a serious money-saver for the budget minded. The price has
also come down considerably for the hybrid, making it far more
affordable than previous models. Add in potential tax credits, the cost
comes down even further. Finally, all versions of the Prius are equipped
with a four-cylinder engine which allows the car to rotate between gas
consumption and running on an electric battery. With the computer
managing the change to whichever is the most efficient, the driver can
focus on driving and not worrying about switching.2013 Nissan LEAF vs
2013 Toyota Prius Boston MA

The Nissan Leaf

In comparison, the 2013 Leaf is entirely an electric car. So there’s no
fueling up at the gas pump at all with the Leaf. It provides a whopping
130 mpg in the city, and actually less on the highway with 102 mpg. It’s
a bit hard to explain how a comparison works with a fuel car (your local
Boston Nissan Leaf dealer can help), but generally that’s the level of performance that can
be expected from a full charge. Add in the convenience of push-start
ignition, Bluetooth compatibility, and heated seats, and Nissan hopes
the Leaf driver will be quite comfortable saving his gas money driving
around in style and automotive comfort.

In Summary

Both cars are clearly designed for maximum energy efficiency output and
both are great choices for environmentally conscious drivers. A Nissan
Leaf dealer in the Boston area can help with some of the test drives if