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Why Is My Transmission Slipping?

If you’re driving around Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton and notice your transmission slipping, it could signal the start of transmission problems. Transmission slippage can occur for both automatic and manual transmissions, though the associated causes and severity differ between the two.

Learn the answer as to why your transmission is slipping and find out what action you need to take to ensure your vehicle is safe, reliable, and running at its best.

What Is Transmission Slippage?

Why is My Transmission Slipping?A transmission is designed to stay in a certain gear until a shift is performed, either by the driver for a manual transmission or by a computer for an automatic transmission. This simple process maximizes your engine’s power and efficiency, so it’s vital to the engine’s performance.

If your transmission is spontaneously slipping in and out of its gear, or popping into neutral while you’re driving, this is a safety and performance concern. If you’re trying to pass a car or make a turn, the power needs to transfer to the wheels through the transmission, so not having a reliable gear can compromise your vehicle’s safety.

Symptoms of Your Transmission Slipping

Transmission slipping occurs when the transmission attempts to change gears and can’t, so it either falls back into the previous gear or settles into neutral. There are several things that can cause this problem, but the symptoms are unmistakable.

Why is My Transmission Slipping?In automatic transmissions, symptoms include:

  • Check engine light
  • Transmission trying to upshift, only to fall into a lower gear
  • Transmission refuses to upshift
  • Transmission falls into the lower gear and pushes the engine to a high RPM
  • The engine RPMs increase, but the vehicle speed doesn’t
  • Transmission won’t shift into reverse
  • Burning smell
  • Strange sounds when shifting
  • Hard or rough gear changes

In a manual transmission, symptoms include:

  • Transmission won’t go into the designated gear
  • Transmission falls out of gear spontaneously
  • Strange sounds during gear changes

Why Is My Transmission Slipping?

Why is My Transmission Slipping?There are many potential causes of a slipping transmission, depending on your transmission type.

  • Low fluid level: An automatic transmission needs hydraulic pressure from the transmission fluid to shift. If the fluid is low, the transmission pump can’t create the necessary pressure to reach the next gear.
  • Fluid leak: Leaking could be the source of low fluid, which reverts back to the low fluid issue. A bad pan gasket, faulty seals, a leak in the pan, a crack in the torque converter, or ruptured fluid lines can all cause a fluid leak.
  • Poor fluid condition: As transmission fluid works its way through your system, it slowly breaks down and becomes thinner, darker, and filled with debris. When this occurs, it can no longer effectively cool your transmission components, causing the transmission to overheat and prevent smooth, consistent shifts.
  • Broken transmission bands: In automatic transmissions, metal bands are used to link the gears together. If these bands are broken or damaged, the gear can’t engage and slips.
  • Clutch problems: In manual transmissions, the clutch uses friction to grab onto the engine flywheel and separate the transmission from the engine to change gears. If the clutch is worn, it can’t fully engage.
  • Damaged gears: Gears are subjected to normal wear and tear over time, which causes them to engage harshly and slip out of gear.

Schedule Your Transmission Service Appointment at Nissan 24

As you can see, diagnosing transmission problems can be complicated, so it’s best to have this vital service performed by a qualified technician with experience doing these repairs. If you’re driving around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton and notice signs of a slipping transmission, visit the service center at Nissan 24 to correct the problem before it becomes a costly repair. Call or stop by today to schedule your service appointment!