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When to Change Transmission Fluid Brockton MA

Transmission FluidDo you know when to change your transmission fluid? As a part of our dedication to making sure our Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton neighbors are fully prepared when it comes to all things automotive, our Nissan 24 team has come up with the following information. To learn all about the key signs that alert you that your transmission fluid needs to be changed out, continue reading.

A Transmission Flush

Before we go through the various warning signs that it’s time to change your transmission fluid, here is a brief description of the process itself. When you have your fluid changed out, it’s referred to as a transmission flush. This is because the old fluid is literally flushed out of the system. Once that is accomplished, cleaning solutions and fresh oil are run through to make sure the transmission is thoroughly cleaned. After that, the new transmission fluid is poured in.

The Check Engine Warning Light on the Dashboard

Check Engine LightThis helpful light can be an indication that a number of issues could be arising inside your engine. Your transmission is certainly one of them. Whenever the check engine light turns on, be sure to have it looked at by a professional automotive technician as soon as you can.

You Smell Something Burning

If you notice a burning smell coming from the vicinity of your engine, definitely get it in to a mechanic. It’s important to do this as soon as the smell is detected in order to avoid any serious or further damage from occurring.

Problems When Shifting

Other clues that it might be time to have your transmission flushed are directly related to the car when shifting from gear to gear. These include grinding noises, shaking, delays between gears, and trouble accelerating.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you’re leaking transmission fluid, you’ll notice wet spots on the ground beneath that area of the car. Transmission fluid can be anywhere from clear red to light brown in color and has a thin consistency.

What to Watch Out for When Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Change Transmission Fluid Brockton, MAIf you’re curious about the condition of your transmission fluid and would like to take a look, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it clean? The fluid should be free of debris or bubbles. If you’re seeing any of this, it should be flushed right away.
  • What color is it? Remember, transmission fluid can have a range from clear red to light brown. If it’s dark brown or black, it needs to be flushed immediately and the transmission itself should be serviced.
  • Does it smell? Go ahead and give the fluid a sniff. If it’s healthy, there shouldn’t be much of a smell at all. Definitely have it checked by a technician if it smells like it’s burning.
  • Is it too low? Make sure it’s up to the fill line. If it’s low, go ahead and refill it.

Schedule Your Transmission Appointment Today

If, during your regular Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton area commutes, you’re currently experiencing any of the above warning signs that your transmission fluid may need to be changed, contact the Nissan 24 service center to schedule your appointment.