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Transmission Repair

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Your transmission has a much bigger job than you might think. Allowing you to shift gears with ease while driving around Stoughton, Randolph and Brockton, your transmission is essentially the “driving” force of your vehicle. Whether it’s manual or automatic will determine how to maintain its lifespan.

Learning about how to care for your transmission is important, which is why at Nissan 24, we’re happy to provide an auto service center that can help you ensure that your transmission is always up to speed.

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How to Check Transmission Fluid

When to Change Transmission Fluid

Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms

Problems with Your Transmission

You may not know right away that something is wrong with your transmission, so we’ve come up with a few telltale signs. Even though these may not seem like a major deal at first, if something feels off, you’ll want to get it checked out before it turns into a larger problem.

Shifting and Sliding Issues

If you feel your transmission shifting into one gear while your vehicle slides into another, this is one of the first signs something is wrong with your transmission. A transmission shifting on its own is a key indicator that you’ll need to take it to your auto technician to get checked.

Less Power to Your Punch

If your acceleration feels weak, this is another indicator your transmission needs a checkup. As the power source for your tires, if your transmission is off, your acceleration will be, too.

Strange Sounds

Are you hearing some whining or thumping coming from your transmission? Strange noises are a big sign something is wrong, and you should bring it to your auto technician right away.

Leaking Fluid or Burnt Scent

Leaking fluid from anywhere in a vehicle isn’t healthy, especially when it’s your transmission. If you see a bright red liquid left in your parking spot, this is something that needs to be checked out immediately.

Additionally, if it smells like something is burning, your transmission may be overheating, and needs assistance right away.

Don’t wait for a transmission problem to grow. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, or feel like something is wrong in general, don’t hesitate to schedule a transmission check-up with our service center at Nissan 24 today!