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Nissan Sentra SE vs Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

We enrolled several well known cars within the same class, for this wheel-to-wheel suburbanite battle mission and the contenders are: the all-revamped ’01 Honda Civic EX, the invigorated ’01 Toyota Corolla S, and the unique-for-2000 Nissan Sentra SE–all economical choices for consumers. Indeed, all of the contenders have clean-running and thrifty four-chamber motors and are […]

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How To Drive Like A Bostoner

Whether you’re new to the Boston area or just haven’t quite gotten the knack of the local driving madness, er, rules, this brief refresher will help you navigate your Nissan Altima, or whatever car you happen to be driving, safely through Boston streets. Well, it will help you navigate the streets, anyway. Remember, you have […]

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