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Why Brakes Are Squeaking

Driving a newer vehicle might mean that it’s longer before a person needs to have it serviced, but at some point, the owner is going to notice signs that they need to take the vehicle for repairs. Motorists will want to understand why their brakes are squeaking and what they should do to ensure that the brakes continue working properly.

Why Are the Breaks Squeaking?

Squeaking occurs when brakes are starting to wear down. The brakes include a metal piece and the brake pad, which is what is used to stop the vehicle. When the brakes wear down, the metal piece behind the brake pad is what is used to stop the vehicle. The metal of the brake grinding on the rotor is what causes the squeaking sound whenever the brakes slow or stop the vehicle.

Other Reasons the Brakes Might Be Squeaking

The most common reason for your brakes to squeak are the pads or shoes being worn, but there may be other reasons as well. Braking very hard can cause squeaking, but it wouldn’t be heard when the person brakes slowly. Additionally, rust can form on the rotors in some cases, which can cause the squeaking noise as well. Having the rotors cleaned or ground down can eliminate this issue.

What Happens If the Squeaking Is Ignored?

If drivers don’t find out why their brakes are squeaking and wait to deal with the issue, they could end up with further issues that need to be repaired. Left long enough, the metal on the brakes will wear down on the rotors, causing grooves in them. The grooves can be ground down if they’re not too deep, but if it’s left too long or has been left until this point more than once, the rotors might need to be replaced.

If your brakes squeak and the problem is not handled quickly, the issue could progress to the point where they will no longer work properly. The driver might start to notice that it’s harder to stop the vehicle and they need more time to stop than they used to. They can also end up with brakes that will not stop the vehicle at all, causing accidents down the line.

Repairing the Brakes as Soon as Squeaking Is Heard

Motorists who notice a squeaking noise when braking are going to want to have their brakes replaced by a professional as quickly as possible. This prevents damage to the rotors and will be less expensive than repairing the brakes and the rotors. The brakes can typically be replaced easily, and the motorist will be able to drive their vehicle again in less than a few hours.

If you’re wondering why your brakes squeak, you will want to make sure that you take it in to have them checked as quickly as possible. If you are in Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton, Nissan 24 is close by and will be able to help you with your brakes. Take the time to contact them now to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.