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When to Change Your Oil Filter

The need to change a vehicle’s oil is common knowledge, but did you know that you should also periodically change your oil filter as well? An oil filter stands between your vehicle and engine wear, and it is important to make sure it is functioning the best it can. Nissan 24, located in Brockton, MA, advises you on when it’s necessary to change your oil filter.

What Does an Oil Filter Do?

Oil Filter ChangeAs motor oil circulates through your vehicle, metal shavings, dirt and other abrasive particles become trapped in the fluid. Without regular filtration of these particles, your engine would begin to malfunction as the microscopic specks damage critical machine parts. An oil filter removes these dangerous pieces and keeps the engine healthy. Of course, over time these particles build up inside the filter, requiring a replacement or risking a higher volume of debris. Because a portion of oil is maintained in the filter, it is recommended that a filter replacement coincide with an oil change to prevent waste.

Types of Oil Filters

There are four common types of oil filters: standard, synthetic, high-performance and race. Standard filters use paper to trap particles whereas synthetic filters use plastic. High-perforOil Filter Changemance and race filters are built to withstand different types of debris, oil viscosity and temperatures. Typically, the effectiveness of a filter can be judged by the price, as cheaply made filters tend to give you what you pay for. However, it is also important to know what the filter you are purchasing is designed to do, as even an expensive racing filter will do very little for a passenger car that has to cold start in the harsh Massachusetts winter. A serviceman will be able to find the right filter for your vehicle and price range.

Oil Filter Change Intervals

Recommended replacement times for oil filters vary widely by model, driving conditions and even vehicle age. The owner’s manual will list two replacement recommendations for standard and severe conditions. Severe conditions include heavy payloads, excessive idling and extreme temperatures, among other things. The design of the vehicle plays a part, as race and high-performance filters are meant to be replaced more often than typical passenger vehicle filters. As your car ages, parts will erode more and release damaging particles into the oil, clogging your filter at a faster rate. Routine vehicle inspections will inform you of your filter status before long-term damage can accumulate in your engine.

Nissan 24 Provides Service to Massachusetts Residents

Looking for an oil change or oil filter replacement? Nissan 24 offers not only reliable cars, but quality vehicle services as well. Residents of Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton can call (888) 598-7072 to schedule service or a routine inspection.