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Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, then the engine oil is that blood pumping through its veins. And when that engine oil runs low, its undoubtedly going to cause some serious, potentially irreparable damage.Symptoms of Low Engine Oil Brockton MA

Of course, if Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton drivers know how to spot the signs of low engine oil before the trouble starts, they can keep their car running in excellent condition. Our team at Nissan 24 is here to help you detect all the signs.

Sign #1: Mind Your Warning Lights

When some of us see the words “Change Oil Soon” appear on our dashboard, we treat them as if they are a suggestion—something that can wait until tomorrow. But by the time a light turns on, the issue is already pressing.

“Change Oil Soon” means make an appointment for an oil change with your mechanic today. And once you’ve reached the point where the oil light, in the unmistakable shape of an oil can, begins to flicker, your engine oil may be dangerously low.

Sign #2: What’s That Smell?

It’s hard to accurately describe the smell of burning oil. But it’s something thick, acrid, and distinctly unpleasant.

When the engine oil runs low, what remains will slowly start to burn. It may happen gradually, but you won’t be able to ignore it. Once you reach this point, the oil needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Sign #3: Check Your Exhaust

If you’re not sure if that rancid odor you’re smelling is engine oil, there’s one other way to tell. Just look at your exhaust.

Once the oil begins to burn, your car will spout some black fumes from the exhaust. Granted, they shouldn’t be thick enough to billow, but over time, they’ll leave a black stain on the exhaust pipe. If you see this, you have a problem.

Sign #4: Engine Makes Knocking Noise

Knock-knock. Who’s there?It’s your engine oil! And it’s begging you for a change.

So, you probably know that your engine oil serves many different functions under the hood. One of them is preventing friction between your engine rods (you know, those important little beams that hold the pistons in place).Oil Change Brockton MA

When oil is low, your engine rods begin to loosen and knock together. If not attended to, they’ll eventually wear and break. This is called “Throwing a Rod,” and it’s not something you want to happen in your car.

Sign #5: Your Engine Is Sputtering

So, if you’ve failed to notice or have ignored all these other signs (please, don’t), this will be the result: Your engine will begin to sputter, and eventually, it’ll misfire completely. Unless you relish in the thought of being stranded, you better call for service immediately.

Schedule an Oil Change

Look, your car loves you. It puts up with a lot. It’s listened to you grouse about other drivers and sing badly at the top of your lungs. The least you can do is provide it with the care it needs.

When the low engine oil signs begin to rear their ugly heads, don’t ignore them. Contact Nissan 24’s service center right away to schedule your oil change. We’re happy to keep the cars of all our Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton customers in great condition.