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How Often to Change Oil

A lot of drivers rely on arbitrary rules of thumb for recommended oil change intervals. This may end up costing you more money if you change your oil more times than completely necessary, or even impact the longevity of your engine if you don’t change your oil often enough. Nissan 24 wants to clear up some long-standing misconceptions, and provide a few tips to drivers in the Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton areas on how to know when to change oil.

Your Manufacturer Knows Best

How Often to Change Oil Brockton MAEach car model has its own unique standards and capabilities. While following a simple rule for oil changes may seem easier, it is often not the most cost effective way to do things. An oil change every 3,000 miles is a familiar rule of thumb, but the owner’s manual may suggest a time period over double that amount. Of course, more consistent oil changes will not harm your engine, but many people who are looking to save in any way they can, tend to overlook the fact that these extra changes are unnecessary.

Before following any other advice, we recommend first checking the owner’s manual of your vehicle for recommended oil change intervals. Painstaking design, research and testing by the manufacturer went into the estimation of how to know when to change oil, and will therefore be the most reliable source of information regarding your oil change. No generalized rule is more accurate than the educated recommendation that comes from a manufacturer.

When do You Need an Oil Change

Oil does more for a car than simple lubrication. Chemical compounds are added that prevent buildup of impurities, corrosion and influence of extreme temperatures. These compounds frequently run out before the oil completely loses the ability to lubricate the car, which means that an oil change is still needed.Checking Engine Oil

For the environmentally conscious, there is re-refined or synthetic oil. Oil is a non-renewable resource, but the process of re-refining removes impurities and reintroduces the chemical compounds lost over time, preserving the usefulness of oil that has not lost its lubricating abilities. This is definitely a worthwhile option.

Oil Change Intervals for Severe Conditions

Most Americans will spend a great deal of time in so-called “severe driving conditions” which include commonplace situations such as stop and go traffic, extreme temperatures, dusty roads and towing. Your manufacturer includes recommendations for both ideal and severe driving conditions, and understanding the wear on your vehicle will ensure proper and consistent maintenance. Short trips in the Massachusetts winters will take more of a toll on a vehicle than expected, so it is important to check both interval recommendations in the owner’s manual.

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