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Nissan Versa Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

You’re loving your new Nissan Versa, but as you’re on your daily commute through the areas of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, you notice a light has lit up on your dash that you have never seen before. With all of the new technology that’s standard in quality Nissan cars, you simply have no idea what the light could mean.Nissan Service Center Brockton MA

That’s why it’s important for car owners to thoroughly read through their dashboard light guide and familiarize themselves with the indicators that may pop up as they use the vehicle. It’s also a good idea to keep your light guide readily available as a reference if you forget what a symbol means.

Dash lights can be major stressors if you can’t figure out what they indicate. To help you, here’s a run-through of your Nissan Versa dashboard brought to you by the professionals at Nissan 24.

Nissan Versa Warning Lights

These are the amber or red dash lights that can really cause a panic. Take a deep breath and learn their meanings below.

  • Anti-lock brakes: If a bold ABS light appears on your dashboard, there’s an issue with the anti-lock braking system. You should have your car checked to ensure that it’s in proper working order.
  • Brake light: This may appear as the word BRAKE or an exclamation symbol. It means that your parking brake may be engaged or your brake fluid is low. Have this fluid checked if your parking brake isn’t engaged, as any leaks could compromise the system.
  • Charge light: A battery light on the dashboard tells you there’s an issue with the electrical system. Turn off your Versa and check both the battery and belt.
  • Door open warning: If you notice a bird’s-eye view of a vehicle with a door open on your dash, stop your Versa, check the doors, and proceed when you know that they’re all shut securely.
  • Nissan Versa Brockton MAEngine oil pressure: Low oil pressure can indicate a serious issue with your vehicle. If you see a light that looks like an oil can, have your Versa checked as soon as possible.
  • Intelligent Key Lock warning: If you see the word LOCK on your dash, your Versa’s Intelligent Key has been set to off but isn’t in the locked position.
  • Intelligent Key warning: If the Intelligent Key is removed from the vehicle while it’s still set to on, a bright KEY will appear on your dashboard.
  • Low fuel: A gas pump symbol will glow to let you know that you’re running low on fuel.
  • Low tire pressure: An amber exclamation point inside a tire-shaped light indicates your tire pressure is low.
  • Power steering warning: If you see a PS, there could be a problem with your power steering system. Have this checked as soon as possible.
  • P position warning: Not shifting into park before shutting off the engine is a common mistake. If this happens in your Versa, you’ll be prompted with a P on the dashboard.
  • Seat belt warning: If you see this light, you and your passengers need to buckle up before hitting the road.
  • Supplemental airbag warning and status: A light shaped like a passenger and a hovering airbag let you know there’s an issue with this system. A similar light with an X through it shines when there’s no passenger seated.

Versa Indicators

These lights shine green and blue, representing active systems unless off is indicated.

  • CVT position indicator: This shows what gear or position the car is currently in.
  • Cruise main switch indicator: CRUISE lets you know that the cruise control has been activated.
  • ECO mode indicator: If the ECO mode has been activated, ECO will appear in a double lined box.
  • Light function indicators: These symbols show light function.
    • High beam indicator: straight beams
    • Front fog indicator: slanted Beams
    • Side lights and headlights: face each other and are green
  • Malfunction indicator: This light will shine if your fuel cap is missing or you’re low on gas. If the light is on and you have your cap and a tank of gas, have a professional check your Versa.
  • Overdrive off: If overdrive is off, it will show on your dash as O/D OFF.
  • Security indicator: When your security system is working properly, you’ll see a key inside a car shape on your dashboard.
  • Slip indicator: When your Versa has sensed slippery road conditions and the Vehicle Dynamic Control system is in use, you’ll see wavy lines on the dashboard.
  • SPORT mode indicator: When Sport mode has been selected, SPORT will appear in a box.
  • Turn signal and hazard indicators: Left and right indicators appear as corresponding flashing arrows. When the hazard indicator has been activated, both arrows will flash.

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