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Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light Guide

Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

Seeing an unfamiliar symbol light up on your dashboard can be a serious source of stress. By consulting Nissan 24’s Rogue dashboard light guide, proactive Rogue owners in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton can quickly find out a mystery symbol’s meaning, get help if needed, and get back to their travels in no time. Check out the Nissan Rogue’s top 10 need-to-know symbols below.

Dashboard Light Guide Nissan Rogue Brockton MA1. Anti-lock brakes: The letters ABS may illuminate if there’s a problem with the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. When the light is on, anti-lock brake function is automatically turned off. Take your Rogue to have the system evaluated and fixed.

2. Blind Spot Warning: If your new Nissan Rogue is equipped with the available Blind Spot Warning system, a light may glow depicting an aerial view of a car and another vehicle traveling close behind it in the adjacent lane. This light comes on when a vehicle is in your blind spot. Wait to depart your parking space or switch lanes.

3. Brake warning: BRAKE in bold type may appear for one of two reasons: The parking brake is in use or the system’s brake fluid is low. Disengage the parking brake. If the light remains on, check the fluid level or have the vehicle checked by a certified Nissan specialist.

4. Charge warning: The dreaded charge light is synonymous with battery or alternator issues. Shaped like a battery box and glowing red, seeing this symbol requires prompt attention. Investigate under the hood to check the condition of the alternator belt. Seek assistance if the belt is loose, missing, or broken.

5. Forward Emergency Braking: Models equipped with Forward Emergency Braking systems may show this light when the system has been manually set to off or it’s temporarily unavailable. The symbol looks like two car ends colliding.

6. Low tire pressure: In the case of low tire pressure in one or more of your Rogue’s tires, the tire pressure monitoring system will light up its corresponding light that will appear as an exclamation in parentheses. Manually check and refill tires to their recommended cold pressure levels as soon as it’s safe to do so.

If the light appears without its accompanying message in the vehicle information display, the monitoring system isn’t functioning properly and requires maintenance.

Rogue Dashboard Lights Brockton MA7. Master warning: A triangular caution symbol may come up for a variety of reasons, from low fuel to a door ajar to an error with the all-wheel drive system. Luckily, this symbol is always accompanied by a detailed message in the vehicle information display.

8. Malfunction indicator: Seeing an outline of an engine lit up indicates a potential issue with the vehicle’s emissions control system. If you’re not low on gas and the gas cap is secured tightly, this is most likely the case. Proceed with caution and get your Rogue to a service center.

9. Power steering: A steering wheel and exclamation symbol appearing together indicates that there’s an issue with the vehicle’s power steering system. Without this vital system, it will be more challenging to steer the vehicle. Have it looked at by a professional ASAP.

10. Vehicle Dynamic Control slip or off indicator: The Rogue’s Vehicle Dynamic Control system comes to the rescue in slick weather when more traction is needed. This system is always active, so if you see a car symbol with wiggly lines underneath it, conditions are slippery. If you see this same symbol accompanied by the word OFF, the system isn’t functioning. If you didn’t turn off the system manually, have the system inspected.

Scheduling Service for Lit Symbols

The worst thing you can do when you see one of these dash lights that mean trouble is to continue driving unnoticed. If it’s a check or fix you can do on your own, don’t wait to get under the hood to conduct the repair. And if the light signals a more intricate dilemma, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted Nissan service center, Nissan 24 in Brockton.

Our experienced technicians have seen every dashboard light imaginable and have the knowledge and skills required to get you in, out, and back on the road with full confidence. Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton area Rogue drivers can schedule service with us online today.