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Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard Symbols Brockton MA


Following the dashboard lights on your vehicle can be stressful and nightmarish. Nobody wants to see a phantom light ignite on their dashboard, and with technology advancing by leaps and bounds it seems like there’s always some new alien light that you don’t know what it means.

It can be really helpful for drivers in Randolph, Brockton and Stoughton to have an easy quick-reference to help them quickly diagnose the problems such a light can maintain. Here’s an easy quick reference guide to Nissan Pathfinder dashboard symbols so when something lights up on your dash, you don’t need to panic or hunt for the answer.

Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard Symbols

Your Nissan Pathfinder dashboard symbols are designed to help you diagnose when there’s an issue with your car, from simple things like forgetting to buckle a seatbelt, to more serious engine problems. Unfortunately, the symbols aren’t always the most intuitive to work out. While everyone knows a gas tank means low fuel, there are other lights that may be more confusing. Here are some of the most important.

ABS Light

The letters ABS stand for anti-lock brakes. When you see it, it’s an indicator that your ABS system has been engaged, and is working to help control the movement, like when you’re on a slippery surface.


When you see the word BRAKE in all capital letters, it means there is an issue with your brake system. The first thing to do is check to be sure your emergency brake is disengaged. If it is, then you should get the car checked out immediately. It’s probably not safe to drive.

High Temperature

If you see a thermometer half-submerged in liquid, your car is running hot and is in danger of overheating. You need to pull over and shut off the car. Let it sit for awhile until it cools down, and then check the coolant levels, adding fluid if necessary. If you are low on fluid you might have a leak. Get it to a dealer for checking.

Low Tire Pressure

If you see an exclamation point inside parentheses, your tire pressure is low in one or more tires and it needs air. You should get to a service station as soon as you can and fill up your tire.

Master Warning

If you see an exclamation point inside a triangle, it’s an indicator of a major problem with your inner workings. The car may or may not be safe to drive. Get it to a dealership to be checked out right away.

Malfunction Light

This is the infamous “Check Engine” light. It looks like a picture of your car engine. It could mean anything from a loose fuel cap to a serious problem with your engine. The best thing to do is get to a dealership and have a maintenance check done just to be on the safe side.

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If you see any of these lights and need more information or help servicing your vehicle in the Brockton, Randolph or Stoughton areas, Nissan 24 can help. Give us a call or stop in to talk to one of our service department representatives today!