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Nissan Maxima Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

The Nissan Maxima’s dash lights can be broken into two categories. The first is warning lights that signal an issue with a specific system within the vehicle. The second is indicator lights that are normally less of a concern, signifying the on or off status of smaller vehicle elements. We’ll review both, starting with vehicle warning lights.

Brockton MA Auto Service CenterWarning Lights

• Anti-lock braking system: Two situations can trigger this light: parking brake use or low brake fluid levels.

• Charge system: This battery-shaped symbol warns of an issue with the vehicle’s charge system elements (battery or alternator).

• Engine oil pressure: A tipped oil can in red cautions of low engine oil pressure.

• Forward Emergency Braking System: If your Maxima has this system, its corresponding light symbol (two cars bumper to bumper) indicates that the system is either off or unavailable.

• Low tire pressure: A tire outline with an exclamation point inside warns of low tire pressure from your Maxima’s tire pressure monitoring system.

• Master warning: An exclamation point inside a triangle will come on in association with a message in the vehicle information display. If you see this symbol, look to the display for an explanation and next steps.

• Power steering: The power steering warning light, which appears as a steering wheel and an exclamation point pair, signals that power assist for the vehicle’s steering is no longer functioning.

• Seat belt warning: A tiny seated and belted passenger will show up on the dash to remind you to buckle up before you start driving.

• Supplemental airbag warning: A symbol depicting a passenger and inflated air bag indicates that one of the Maxima’s airbags needs to be serviced.

Indicator Lights

• Front fog lights (on): a headlight symbol with a wavy line through its beams.

• Front passenger airbag status (off): a seated passenger portrayed with a crossed-out circle hovering above and the word OFF.

• High beam indicator (on): a blue light with a headlight symbol with straight beam lines.

• Malfunction indicator: an engine-shaped symbol that indicates emission control issues. The two most common are a loose or missing gas cap or low fuel.

• Security system indicator (on): a car outline with a key inside. This indicator should appear when the car is off.

• Side light/headlight indicator (on): a green pair of outer-facing light symbols.

• Slip indicator/Vehicle Dynamic Control (on): a car with wavy tread lines.

• Turn signal/hazard indicators (on): opposite-facing arrows that flash green when a turn is prompted.

• Vehicle Dynamic Control indicator (off): the same slip indicator symbol with the word OFF below it.

When Service Is Required

Many of these warning lights require maintenance fixes by a Nissan-certified technician. If you’re a Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton area driver, you can count on the Nissan 24 service team to help you identify and tackle the repairs needed to dim your Maxima’s dash. We can also help with burnt-out bulbs or lights that continue to blink post-fix.

Your dashboard lights can be little lifesavers when it comes to staying on top of vehicle maintenance, so don’t let them go unnoticed!