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Battery Repair Brockton, MA

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Battery Repair Brockton, MABattery failures always come at the worst times, such as when you’re rushing because you have an important meeting first thing at work only to discover your car won’t start.

Your battery is one of the most important parts of your car—no power means no moving!—and a battery that isn’t working properly can put your vehicle in serious danger of being damaged.

Nissan 24 provides professional battery service in Brockton and residents of Randolph, Brockton, and Stoughton can schedule an appointment at our service center to have their vehicle batteries repaired or replaces. However, it’s important to know when it’s time to have the battery in your Nissan serviced, so we’ve provided some information about the signs that it’s time to schedule a service appointment.

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Engine Is Slow to Start

You should have your vehicle battery serviced if, when you first start your car, you notice sluggishness when turning the ignition and your engine puttering a little before starting up.

Enlarged Battery Case

The casing around you battery can well when your battery heats up a lot. This indicates that your battery is overheating, which decreases its overall life span. But even worse, if left untreated, this overheating and swelling could seriously damage to other crucial parts of your vehicle.

Battery Corrosion

Battery overcharging creates visible corrosion around the terminals and battery case. Sulfuric fumes released because of the overcharging create this corrosion, and once these fumes interact with the lead from your battery posts, white powder begins to form. This white powder corrosion is a non-conductive inhibitor, making it hard for your vehicle to start up. Treatment for minor corrosion isn’t difficult, but ignoring the problem means the corrosion will spread, causing you to have to buy a new battery.

Check Engine Light

Too often drivers ignore their check engine lights. While it could be the result of any number of problems, your battery may be one. When you see your check engine light illuminated on your dashboard, your best bet is to have your Nissan serviced in Brockton.

Old Age

Battery Repair Brockton MAIf you’ve had your vehicle battery for a long a time, it’s best to schedule an appointment for battery service in Brockton. Batteries have a finite life span, so it’s definitely a good idea to take the time to make sure your older battery is still healthy. Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems, it’s good practice to make sure you aren’t putting your car at risk of any damage.

Whenever you experience any one of these issues with your vehicle battery, acting in a timely manner will determine how serious the damage is, if any has occurred. If you delay scheduling a service appointment, the damage will be much worse than if you were to bring your Nissan in for service in Brockton immediately.

Residents of Randolph, Brockton, and Stoughton can have their batteries serviced in Brockton at the Nissan 24 service center. Schedule a service appointment today to make sure your battery is working properly.