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Nissan Sentra Maintenance Schedule

Nissan Sentra Maintenance Schedule Brockton MA

At Nissan 24, we do everything we can to help our local drivers in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton care for their new investments. One way we do this is by offering our local customers handy maintenance schedules to follow for their specific Nissan model. Nissan Sentra drivers can consult the following guide as a reference for your Nissan Sentra’s routine maintenance.

Nissan Sentra Maintenance Interval

Before we dive in, it’s important to distinguish if you’ll need to follow a standard maintenance interval or a more rigorous repair schedule based on your travel intentions. If you will be using your Sentra under the following conditions, you’ll need to look to the heightened maintenance interval:

  • Driving rough roads that are muddy, whip up dust or are often treateNissan Sentra Service Brockton MAd with salt
  • Repeated short distance travel (under 5 miles in regular temps, under 10 miles in below freezing temps)
  • Regular stop-and-go traffic in hot conditions
  • Frequent long-distance drives at speeds slower than 25 mph

Nissan Sentra Maintenance Check #1: 5,000 Miles or 6 Months

For those following the standard and severe-condition operating schedules, 5,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first) is the benchmark for your first motor oil change, filter replacement and tire rotation. Because these three items will reoccur every 5,000 miles or 6 months, it’s helpful to get them scheduled in together.

During this time, severe-operation Sentras are due for an inspection of the following: axle and suspension parts, braking system (pads, rotors, drums and linings), drive shaft boots, exhaust system and steering linkage. This set of parts will need to be inspected at every other maintenance milestone from this point forward.

Nissan Sentra Maintenance Check #2: 10,000 Miles or 12 Months

Nissan Sentra Tires Brockton MAOnce you’ve been driving your Nissan Sentra for a year or the odometer’s reached the 10,000 mile mark, it’s time for your next oil change and tire rotation appointment. All safety systems should also be inspected at this time to ensure that the vehicle meets Massachusetts state laws for vehicle safety.

Standard Sentra interval drivers will also need to have the following elements and systems inspected:

  • Automatic transmission function
  • Brake system (all elements checked)
  • CVT fluid (or manual transmission oil) and differential oil
  • Drive shaft boots

Sentra drivers with heavy use will need to replace the brake fluid at one year and have a certified mechanic check the following:

  • Axle and suspension
  • Exhaust system
  • Steering linkage, gear and ball joints

Maintenance Check #3: 15,000 Miles or 18 Months

At 15,000 miles or 18 months, your Sentra is due for its next oil and filter swap and tire rotation. At this interval, sedans will also need to have their in-cabin microfilter replaced. The additional items required for severe-operating conditions are the same as those listed in Maintenance Check #1.

Schedule Service for Your Nissan Sentra at Nissan 24

Keeping your Nissan Sentra well is easier than you think. If you commit to scheduling routine oil changes and tire rotations twice a year, keep the car’s major systems in-check and rely on the expertise of Nissan-certified pros like your friends at Nissan 24, you’ll be in the routine maintenance groove in no time!Nissan Sentra Service Brockton MA

Nissan 24’s expert technicians have the schooling and proven skills required to make necessary changes to your Sentra’s inner systems. We even offer drivers in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton express service care that doesn’t require an appointment and comes with a free multi-point inspection. Stop by 1016 Belmont Street in Brockton to get yours today!