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Nissan Altima Maintenance Schedule

Nissan Altima Maintenance Schedule East Providence RI

We want our Nissan Altima drivers in the Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton areas to have all of the information they need to keep their new investment running as it should.

To help you keep a log of routine checkups, oil changes, and covered repairs needed along the way, our team at Nissan 24 has compiled this handy Nissan Altima maintenance schedule for you to reference at any point during vehicle ownership.

Altima Driving Tips and Schedule Interval

The maintenance schedule for your Altima will depend on the driving conditions you deal with on your daily travels, including weather and how often you frequent urban roads vs. highways. New England’s wacky winters in particular can be hard on your Altima; try not to drive on roads that haven’t been sufficiently cleared of snow and ice.

Schedule 1 recommended maintenance is an elevated program that requires under-the-hood replacements every three months or 3,750 miles, whichever comes first. This involves switching out the engine oil and filter and lubricating moving parts. If you often find yourself in stop-and-start traffic or driving rough, dusty roads, you’ll need Schedule 1 maintenance to keep your Altima running smoothly.

If you don’t take your Altima on long trips and the weather conditions are stable, you may only need to abide by the recommended Schedule 2 routine oil change, which calls for oil and filter replacements every 3,750 miles driven regardless of how long you own your Altima.

At 7,500 Miles Driven

Nissan Oil Change East Providence RIThis mileage milestone marks a major check for the Altima and many other Nissan models. You should schedule to have the following maintenance done:

  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspection of brake pads, axles, suspension, brake linings, drums, and drive shaft boots
  • Inspection of steering gear and linkage
  • Inspection of exhaust system, including pipes and hangers
  • All hoses inspected
  • All fluids inspected

Checking the propeller shaft and other moving parts is an important part of the standard lubrication and oil change at six months. This is major preventative maintenance item as outlined in the Nissan maintenance handbook. Nissan auto care experts at the Nissan 24 service department make sure that your Altima continues performing up to standards when carrying out your complimentary multi-point service inspection.

The engine oil and filter should be replaced and moving parts lubed again at nine months or 11,250 miles. This also depends on road and weather conditions, but it’s always a good idea to keep the engine oil fresh and the filter clean.

12-Month Checkup

At one year old, your Altima’s odometer most likely reads close to 15,000 miles. Time for an even more detailed checkup than it received at six months.

Again, the old oil is changed and a new filter installed. At this time, all fluids are checked and refilled, including transmission, brake, differential, and power steering fluid as applicable. (These fluids were checked earlier and leaks are rare in the Altima.) All hoses and connections must also be checked as part of the multi-point inspection offered with all routine maintenance.

The oil and filter should be changed again at 15 months or 18,750 miles, with the parts lubed and a checkup similar to the six-month maintenance service should be conducted at 18 months or 22,500 miles.

Altima Maintenance Summed Up

New Nissan Altima East Providence RIThe major takeaway here is that your Altima should have routine maintenance checks every three months or 3,750 miles for the life of the vehicle, with replacements parts and fluids added as needed. Brakes can be relined when required and windshield wipers replaced depending on driving conditions.

All safety systems should be check at 12 months since the vehicle will have to be relicensed. Nissan 24 can service Altimas and other Nissan vehicles from neighboring New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont, though safety inspection requirements may differ in each state.

The Nissan 24 service team is here to help Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton area Altima owners ensure that their new Altima continues to run like new. Start scheduling your Altima’s maintenance with our service center online now or head down to Belmont Street in Brockton for express no-appointment-required service!