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Lease a Nissan Altima near Quincy MA

Lease a Nissan Altima near Quincy MA

While Quincy MA is home to the MBTA Red Line, having a reliable set of wheels can really help you get more out of your adventures around town. But if you’re in need of a sedan, and you’re not quite ready to buy one, you may want to consider leasing. You can easily lease a Nissan Altima near Quincy MA at Nissan 24!

Our team is here to provide some insight into the Altima while giving you more details on the Nissan lease process!

Nissan Altima Specs & Features

Nissan Altima Lease Quincy MA

Engine Specs & Performance

The Nissan Altima offers a pretty impressive performance to help you navigate the roads. It gets its abilities from a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that boasts 188 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. If you’re looking for more boost, the 2.0-liter VC-Turbo™ 4-cylinder is capable of generating 248 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque.

In-Cabin Entertainment & Technology

Nissan Altima Interior Quincy MAThe Nissan Altima interior includes some pretty sophisticated features that can help you get more ease, convenience, and enjoyment out of your treks. The 8-inch touchscreen is mounted into the dashboard while the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display sits on the instrument cluster to provide you with important vehicle information.

The Altima also includes features like Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. These features make it easy to access your phone while driving—by integrating it with the touchscreen. While on the road you can easily select your media from apps and libraries, or text message and contacts.

Driver-Assisting Technologies

The Nissan Altima also offers you peace of mind with its assortment of driver-assisting technology features. These features use exterior sensors to measure your speed along with the distance from the vehicle ahead to notify you when you’re breaching the possibility of a collision. These features include Intelligent Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Leasing vs Buying a Nissan Altima

Leasing vs Buying a Nissan Altima Quincy MA Buy or Lease Nissan Altima Quincy MA

If you’re considering the decision to lease a Nissan Altima near Quincy, it helps to know more about the process and how it differs from buying. When you lease, you’re not required to make a down payment, and you may even have a lower monthly payment than you would if you financed. Most maintenance is even covered under warranty for a good portion of your lease.

But when you lease, you don’t own the car, it’s just yours for a few years. When the term ends, you’ll have a few things to consider with the next steps. You can simply turn the vehicle in and walk away, or you’ll have the option to purchase the Altima out of the lease.

However, you can stay current with your car by leasing an entirely new Nissan model. You’ll have the latest features, styles, and engine to help you get around the streets of Quincy and beyond!

Are you ready to get started on your journey to lease a Nissan Altima? Schedule a test drive with our Nissan dealership near Quincy, so you can be certain that leasing an Altima is the right choice for you!