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Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

When the brakes on your vehicle start to become worn out, it is an issue that must be taken care of as soon as possible. While there are a few different issues that can cause grinding brakes, they are all serious and require immediate service from a mechanic you can trust.

Our automotive experts at Nissan 24 are equipped to deal with any issue your vehicle may encounter, so when you’re wondering why your brakes are grinding, it’s a wise idea to bring your car in to see them. Getting your issue repaired quickly will prevent further vehicle damage and allow you to continue driving your car around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton for years to come.

Causes of Grinding Brakes

  • Worn-Out Brake Pads: The main cause of brakes grinding is that the brake pads have been worn down entirely. This results in the steel that resides underneath the brake pad beginning to press directly against the brake rotor. Ignoring this issue can cause severe damage to not only the rotor, but the brake caliper as well, which can be costly to fix.
  • Foreign Object: A more uncommon reason the brakes could be emitting a grinding noise is if a foreign object, such as a small stone, has gotten caught within the braking mechanism. This can result in the object becoming stuck in between the pad and the rotor, thus causing the grinding brakes. It may be possible to remove the object by yourself from simply driving forward and backward in short bursts to dislodge the object.
  • Wear Indicator: Many brake pads come with a pre-installed wear indicator that will produce a grinding or squealing sound to warn you that the pad material is getting low, and you’ll need to have them replaced soon.
  • Low-Quality Brake Pads: Semi-metallic brake pads can sometimes contain chunks of metal that will eat into the rotors and cause a grinding sound. If you’ve had your brake pads replaced recently and have now started hearing a grinding sound while braking, it’s likely that you were given low-quality pads. Always choose a shop that uses only OEM quality parts in order to avoid issues like this.

Any of these issues can cause extensive damage to your braking system if they’re not corrected as soon as possible. Brakes in this condition are also a huge safety hazard to not only the driver and passengers in the vehicle, but to others on the road as well. As soon as you hear a grinding noise when you apply your vehicle’s brakes, contact a reliable shop.

Service for Your Grinding Brakes

If you’ve found yourself wondering why your brakes are grinding, then you’ll want to have them inspected by a professional right away. Contact our team of automotive experts at Nissan 24 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll repair the problem right away so you can continue driving safely around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton.