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Improve Lives With the May Institute

Humans have the capability to bring smiles to each other’s faces and warmth to each other’s hearts. Thus, we give back to each other by providing the people in our lives with all the care and love they deserve.

Sometimes, individuals may require more care than others. That’s where the May Institute comes in. This nonprofit organization works with individuals and their families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.

To learn more about this local organization and how you can get involved, keep reading our local spotlight below!

About the May Institute

Founded 65 years ago, the May Institute has grown to become one of the largest, well-respected providers of educational services for children and adults with autism and special needs. Headquartered locally in Randolph, MA, the May Institute now operates over 140 service locations across the country.

They use a combination of schooling and rehabilitation services to guide and support individuals and their families for the duration of their lives. They are also a national leader in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

May Center School

One of the Institute’s many facilities is the May Center School in Randolph, MA. Their program is geared toward students who require a highly specialized program, most of whom are diagnosed with autism.

With the aid of trained and caring professionals, the May Center School uses individualized educational learning and behavioral intervention to fit each student’s needs. Some of these programs include:

Communication & Social Interaction: Students are taught various social and language skills to engage in more meaningful interactions with others.

Behavior Support: By implementing ABA, students are taught to replace challenging behaviors with alternative appropriate behaviors.

Employment & Life Skills Training: Vocational programs help older students learn vital work skills, which may help them obtain their independence with paying jobs.

Shared Living & Residential Services

The May Institute also works with adults through shared living and residential services.

The Shared Living Program is run in partnership with the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Services and provides a stable, flexible, and enriching community focused on connections with others. Residents are guided to lead fulfilling lives in which they contribute to their communities’ wellbeing.

Get Involved With the May Institute Today

To discover more about the May Institute and see how you can get involved, be sure to check them out on Facebook. While there, you can also keep up with their upcoming programs.