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Local Spotlight: GrowHope Foundation

The children of our community are the future leaders of our society, which is why we wanted to put our Local Spotlight on GrowHope Foundation. This thought-leading organization prioritizes quality education and building life skills in our youth, showing support and guidance through innovative programs.

What They Do

GrowHope Foundation is devoted to creating and implementing projects aimed at improving the lives of children and families through outreach, advocacy, volunteer service, and funds.

By working with community organizations and private donors, they work together to create programs designed to provide life skills and quality education to children and youth in rural and urban areas. By beginning with children, they seek to build stronger, more connected communities.

Some of the local programs GrowHope Foundation has supported include:

  • An Alternative to Violence Project (AVP) Workshop, designed to lessen violence in the community. This workshop allows participants to create positive ways of dealing with conflict, along with gaining knowledge about themselves and how to create compassionate social interactions.
  • One-to-one mentorship, which encourages youth to succeed academically through programs relating to what they’re learning about in school
  • Resources to develop coding skills, encouraging youth to develop a passion for computer science and technology, eventually leading to careers in such fields

How You Can Help

While GrowHope Foundation has certainly come miles in helping the greater good of the community, they rely on help from volunteers, community organizations, or corporations to be able to serve and positively impact each individual.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with GrowHope Foundation. To start, you can make a gift in honor of a family or friend, or volunteer at one of the many community events. You can also sponsor one of the local schools or events, along with making donations or organizing a school supplies drive.

Additionally, GrowHope Foundation hosts an afterschool program that helps students with Mentorship and After-School Coding Programming. Plus, your organization can become a partner in the Brockton Public Schools to improve academic achievement, school attendance, and positive self-image within students.

Whether you’re able to volunteer, partner, or organize a drive, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help GrowHope Foundation continue to develop their mission and spread their message. It all begins with each individual in order to grow a greater society, and GrowHope Foundation has certainly begun to plant the seeds.