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Local Spotlight: Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA

Animal Protection Center

Give Back at the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts

There’s something special about animals. The friendship, help, and guidance they can provide to humans is invaluable. If you’d like to return the favor and change the life of a furry friend, the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts is for you.

See how this local shelter provides forever homes to local dogs, cats, and other small animals through today’s Local Spotlight.

About the APCSM

The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (APCSM) is an animal shelter organization focused on education and outreach throughout Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties.

In 2018 alone, APCSM helped around 800 animals find their forever homes. They work through the mission of “operating an open admission animal care and adoption facility, with the focus on prevention of cruelty to animals, education and outreach, low cost spay/neuter programs, and helping animals and people in the community.”

Adopt Your Forever Friend

One of the main facets of APCSM is their adoption program. The APCSM takes in dogs, cats, and other small animals such birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Once you arrive at the shelter, you’ll be able to spend as much time as you need with the animals, in order to become fully acquainted with them. Just like humans, each animal has their own distinct personality, and it’s important to get to know them beforehand.

We can also assist in finding your best match. Just tell us about your lifestyle and activity level, and we’ll help find the perfect pairing. Once you’ve found that special someone, the adoption process will begin, and before you know it, you’ll be bringing your new pal home!

Fostering Through the APCSM

When animals arrive at the shelter, sometimes they’re not quite ready to go up for adoption. They may be a bit too young or have behavioral or medical problems that require a place to stay in the interim. That’s where you come in! Fostering an animal provides them with loving temporary homes in a caring environment.

Once we believe the animal is ready to be placed for adoption, they’ll be brought back to the shelter. There, our staff will take care of everything, so they can find their new forever home.

Although some may find it tricky to say goodbye to their furry friends, the knowledge that you helped improve the life of an animal is incredibly rewarding.

APCSM Programs & Volunteering Opportunities

APCSM is proud to offer a wide selection of animal-focused programs and events to the local community. Let’s take a look at some of their tail-wagging offerings:

  • Dog Training: With the collaboration of Maura Porter of Clear Skies Dog Training, 4-week sessions are held throughout the year to help train your dog. These classes include Basic Obedience, Agility for Fun, and Low Confident Reactive Dog.
  • Working Cats Program: If you have a barn, garage, or other business that could use some help controlling pests, consider enrolling in our working cats program. Cats that are not suited for the indoor lifestyle still deserve the same second chance as anyone else. The working cats program allows these cats to find their purpose in life, while helping you out in the process.

Visit APCSM Today

If you’re ready to make a difference in the life of an animal, then come visit APCSM and get involved today!

In the meantime, be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest news, updates, and adorable photographs!