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Local Spotlight: Carousel Family Fun Center

Welcome to the Carousel Family Fun Center, Whitman’s best spot for roller skating and out-of-this-world birthday parties. Check out this article to learn more about this business, and then take your kids today!

Why Kids Love Massachusetts’s Carousel Family Fun Center

In short, kids love Massachusetts’s Carousel Family Fun Center because it provides them with so many things to do. The centerpiece, of course, is roller skating. They can zoom around the fun center’s clean, safe roller-skating area, laughing and making the types of memories that might just last for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, parents can watch as they rest assured while thinking about the types of things that parents care about. Research out of the University of Massachusetts shows that aerobic exercises such as roller skating contribute to stronger hearts, healthier weights, increased stamina, better bone support, improved stress management, and even boosted self-esteem. In other words, it’s a win-win for all, but especially the kids.

Then, once they’re tired and ready for a bit of a rest, they can enjoy a bite to eat at onsite Pattino’s Pisa Pizza, pick out an educational prize at the Treasure Chest redemption shop, try their hand at one of the games in the arcade, and more. All in all, they won’t feel bored for even a split second during your visit.

Getting Your Kids Over to Carousel Family Fun Center

Best of all, because they’re able to accommodate so many different types of groups, you’ll have tons of options for how your children—and their peers—experience the Carousel Family Fun Center in Whitman.

Their facilities—and their staff, for that matter—are fully equipped to handle birthday parties, miscellaneous private parties, school trips, scout programs, and so on. On the other hand, you could always go with the tried-and-true method of bringing them there yourself. Some bonding time, perhaps?

Special Events and Programs at the Carousel Family Fun Center

They also put on a bunch of special events and programs to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the opportunity to skate. There’s a Tuesday morning adult skate, which is perfect for both retirees and those with a free morning on their day off from work; there’s a Wednesday family skate, which is a welcomed opportunity for the entire gang to get together; and there’s even a Saturday morning skating class (which runs from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.) so that you can get an introduction or brush up on your skills.

Skate rentals are only $3, which means that now is the best time to introduce the kids to the joy of skating.

Take your little ones to Whitman’s Carousel Family Fun Center ASAP!

When you see the types of smiles that erupt on their faces, you’ll be so happy you did. Plus, they’ll sleep like rocks after a busy (and healthy!) day of skating around. After visiting, let us know what you think!