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Best Frozen Yogurt Near Brockton, MA

If you find yourself in Brockton, MA, with a sweet tooth for frozen yogurt, we’ve done our homework to find you the best in the area. We invite you to dive in and discover what makes each one so great!

J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks has been delighting customers with its tasty frozen yogurt flavors since 1981. The awards this memorable shop has won include Best Ice Cream Parlor in 2009 and Best Ice Cream in 2010.

While flavors rotate throughout the month, here are some fan favorites to watch out for:

  • Coffee Cookies ‘n’ Cream Low-Fat Yogurt. This treasure is made with delicious low-fat coffee yogurt with large chunks of cookies stirred in by hand.
  • Fresh Mint. Try this frozen yogurt gem of a flavor that’s sure to become the new summer favorite!
  • Coffee Chip. Here’s a classic for coffee lovers everywhere.

Got to the J.P. Licks Facebook page to get a look at some of these treats!

Lil Duke’s Ice Cream Shoppe

Lil Duke’s Ice Cream Shoppe is all about family, through and through. For instance, this family owned and operated shoppe is even named after the owners’ children, Lilly and Duke. Every day, this domestically oriented ice cream and frozen yogurt oasis is hard at work providing exciting and fanciful flavors of frozen yogurt to the Brockton area.   

Here are just a few of the kid-approved flavors they offer:  

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Yogurt. Why is this such a family favorite? It must be the perfect marriage of chocolate and peanut butter!
  • Grasshopper Pie. Here’s one for mom and dad. Chunks of Oreo and chocolate flakes swim throughout a minty, rich frozen yogurt made with Crème De Menthe liquor.
  • Coffee Oreo. Don’t miss this heavenly combination of chocolate and coffee made with coffee frozen yogurt and chunks of Oreo cookies.

Get on Facebook to check out all the fun they’re having at Lil Duke’s Ice Cream Shoppe. 

The Scoop N Scootery Ice Cream Delivery

Whether you’re visiting the Scoop N Scootery Ice Cream Delivery truck, having your chilly treats delivered, or stopping by the shop, you can expect the same innovative creations combined with the same speedy, quality filled service.   

Below is merely a sampling of the goodness the Scoop N Scootery provides.

  • Nuttin Better. This frozen yogurt sundae is a twist on the popular Moose Tracks ice cream flavor. It comes packed with Nutella, a marshmallow cream, a fresh banana at the core, and flakey pie crust with homemade whipped cream on the top.
  • Chocolate Cookie Crumble. Surely, this cold treat was designed to be a chocolate lover’s pleasure. It’s a cross-section of cookie dough and Oreo frozen yogurt piled high with Oreo cookies and chocolate chips. Homemade whipped cream makes a fitting finale on the top.
  • Royal Purple. Made for the royalty in all of us, this colorful treat contains Purple Cow yogurt and has bananas, strawberries, and toffee crumbles for texture as well as flavor. It’s all topped off with the house whipped cream.

For tempting photos of these and other frozen creations, see The Scoop N Scootery Ice Cream Delivery’s Facebook page.

Get Your Spoon Out

Now that you know J.P. Licks, Lil Duke’s Ice Cream Shoppe, and the Scoop N Scootery Ice Cream Delivery are out there, stop by each one and find out why they offer the best frozen yogurt near Brockton, MA.