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Best Summer Activities for Kids near Brockton

The school is closed for the summer. The kids are home. And you’re given the ultimate task of entertaining them for a few months until the school doors open once again.

We understand how this task may be a bit of a challenge, especially when those scorching heat waves force you and your family indoors (as if the heat wasn’t irritating enough on its own). Fortunately, we can relate to our neighbors in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, which is why we compiled some of our favorite attractions for you to check out! Read on to see if you discover your next day trip!

Monster Mini Golf

A classic American pastime, miniature golf has always been a favorite for kids of all ages, even those teenagers who are usually glued to their smartphones. At Monster Mini Golf, they reinvented this favorite pastime with a dose of glow-in-the-dark lights, a 21st century twist, and animated monsters. These aren’t some boring, motionless monsters, either—they move, talk, wiggle, and squawk.

And thanks to the talented artists, Halloween-inspired artwork fill up each course to deliver not only a fun experience, but a visual one, as well.

Plus, each course has its own internal radio station: W.I.R.D. (pronounced “weird”). Even if your kid gets a bit spooked by this Burtonesque golf course, they can venture into the arcade for their chance to win prizes.

Bounce! Indoor Inflatable Park

Are your kids active, adventurous, and adrenaline-craving? Or, do you simply want to tire them out so you can have a bit of rest and relaxation later at home? Then, take them to Bounce!, an indoor inflatable park that’ll allow your children to release all of that brimming energy inside of them.

At Bounce! Indoor Inflatable Park, they have a daily, free-form bounce program. With this, bouncers enjoy unlimited access to the Bounce! facility, promising plenty of active days ahead for your children and their friends.

With a number of different inflatable houses, castles, and obstacle courses, your kids will have an exhilarating time hopping around with their siblings and friends. Maybe, one day, you’ll even join them on their bouncing adventures.

Water Wizz

Those days cowering inside your home from the blistering heat with a fan blowing in your face are, as you may expect, brutal and unwanted. Plus, your kids may grow agitated and bored, which then, in turn, makes you agitated and bored. Luckily, there’s a solution for all of you: Water Wizz. Not only is this a refreshing water park, but Water Wizz is Southern New England’s largest water park.

Want to just lay in a tube and float away? Drift down the Herring Run River!

Feeling the urge to catch a few waves? Catch them in the Mussel Beach Wave Pool!

Have thrill-seeking kids who are up for a fun-filled challenge? Take them to Harpoon Lagoon to hop on some lily pads and swing on the overhead ropes.

Have some fun in the sun at Little Neck Beach, Squid Row, Pirate’s Plunge, The Canal, Hurricane Hill, and numerous other stress-relieving sites in this vast water park!

Make Memories in Brockton!

Don’t suffer under the sweltering heat this summer. Instead, create pleasant memories with your children by taking them to any of these enjoyable attractions. We hope you have a great summer!