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Sweeten Your Next Party with These Perfect Dessert Pairings

The differences between some raucous kid’s party and a swanky adult affair are pretty colossal. But, at some point, no matter how old you are or how fancy your attire, you’re going to have one very serious question on your mind: What’s for dessert?Cake

This summer, make your big event one to remember by pairing it with these delightful desserts.

BBQs & Kids Parties 

The dessert of choice: Cupcakes

Cupcakes are bite sized, and maybe even a little bit messier, which makes them the perfect pairing for a couple reasons. When it comes to kids, they need something that’s going to fit in their hands, and something they’ll be less inclined to waste.

BBQs, on the other hand, are messy to begin with. They’re meant for hands-on eating, so it’s best to forego plates and forks.

We recommend: Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe

This family-owned bakeshop is a great place to stop in for a quick dessert and a fresh cup of coffee. And they’ve got tons of flavors to choose from! Visit them today at 1 Main Street in Bridgewater and enjoy for yourself!

Date Nights

The dessert of choice: Ice cream sundaes

Every good date has a few hallmarks. There’s a good dinner, a bit of hand-holding, and of course, great desserts.

You’re going to want something shareable, something that encourages you to squeeze in close. And an ice cream sundae is the perfect choice.FrozenYogurt2

We recommend: Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream

They’ve got one of the freshest creameries around, and their menu is packed with awesome sundaes. The Mud Sundae, for instance, tops Coffee ice cream with crushed Oreos, hot fudge, and whipped cream.

Milestone Parties

The dessert of choice: Cake

Weddings, graduations, anniversaries: These are truly the big events in life. So, when it comes time for dessert, something extra extravagant (and extra big) is warranted.

For an extra special bite, customize your cake with different flavors, icings, and fillings. It’ll be the hit of the party!

We recommend: White’s Bakery & Cafe

They’ve got it all. Breads, pastries, cookies, you name it. However, it may be their cakes that really, well, take the cake. Contact them today for your custom order.

Make Sure You Send Them Home Stuffed

So, you’re a gracious host. The decorations are top-notch, and the venue is cozy. Still, without dessert, it all just falls a little flat.

Make sure your next summer event is a winner by following this delicious guide!