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The Best Places to Hike near Brockton MA

After enough time spent cooped up indoors, just about anybody could crack. Throwing open the windows can help, but there’s no better way to unclutter your mind than to head out into the wild.

Of course, you don’t have to go off the grid to become one with nature. There are tons of excellent parks and reserves near the Brockton, MA, area.runner_tie_shoes

These are our four favorite hiking destinations.

Francis William Bird Park

When surrounded by the beautiful, abundant red maple trees lining Francis William Bird Park, all you have to do is close your eyes and you’ll be practically swathed in birdsong.

While it’s one part birder’s paradise, the park is also perfect for exercise. With numerous bike racks, four tennis courts, and a special “tot lot” for little ones, you’ll have countless opportunities to get active.

  • The beaten path: Good for beginners, Francis William Bird Park offers more than three miles of leisurely trails.

Hale Reservation

At Hale Reservation, you’ll have access to the very best education, because you’ll be standing in “mother nature’s classroom.” Here, you’ll have not just an opportunity for fun, but an opportunity to learn about the environment, as well.

The 1,137 acres of woodland on the reservation include four ponds, a large lake, and a secluded beach area. Summer day camps are offered yearly for the youth of the Greater Boston area.

  • The beaten path: In total, there are over 20 miles of trails, ranging from casual to more strenuous.

Mass Audubon

The best part of Mass Audubon is that it’s more than just a single park. Rather, it’s a compendium of 50+ wildlife sanctuaries all across the state.


In the Brockton area alone, there are several great parks to choose from. Each offers protection for a number of reptiles, birds, amphibians, and other at-risk animals.

  • The beaten path: When you visit the Mass Audubon website, you can take your pick. Leisurely, moderate, or challenging, there’s a wide variety of trails to choose from.

Whitney and Thayer Woods

Amidst the hardwood forests of Whitney and Thayer Woods, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful vistas. As you walk, you might come across a famous hermit’s cave, or a few of the ice-aged boulders that line the park.

The 62-acre Turkey Hill is one of the most well-known areas of the park with a stunning 187-foot summit. Climb to the top for one heck of a view!

  • The beaten path: The paths total roughly 10 miles of moderate hiking.

Take Care of Yourself

A long hike through the woods, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna—it’s one of the most therapeutic things in the world.

Check out all four of these parks online to learn more about their awesome amenities and trails!