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The Best Crepes near Brockton, MA

Around Brockton, Massachusetts, you’ll probably be able to find a host of Italian, Mexican, or Chinese restaurants. However, it might be a bit more difficult to find some good French cooking—unless you know exactly where to look.Crepes

At Nissan 24, one of our favorite French dishes is the crepe. Light, sweet, and savory, they’re perfect for any meal of the day, and these are the three best creperies around.

Amber Road Café | Canton

The family owned Amber Road Café is all about delivering the freshest meals possible, using all locally-sourced and organic ingredients. In their opinion, “nature’s simple ingredients are enough” when you’re looking for big flavor.

  • Bon Appétit: If you’re in the mood for something a little chocolatey, try the Nutella and Banana crepes. They should satisfy your sweet tooth easily.

Amber Road’s seasonally inspired menu changes frequently. Connect with them on Facebook to stay up to date.

Leggos | Holbrook

At Leggos, customers will find a blend of Mexican and traditional American breakfast cuisines. Everything on their menu is made to order, without any preservatives or frozen foods. And their service is notoriously excellent.

  • Bon Appétit: Their handmade crepes are filled with a sweet whipped cream cheese, your choice of fruit, and topped with powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate.

Visit them on Facebook to see what else they have to offer.

The Paris Creperie | BrooklineCoffee

When the owner of the Paris Creperie visited the city of Paris back in 2001, he immediately fell in love with crepes. Upon returning, he made it his mission to bring Paris to Massachusetts with his very own creperie.

  • Bon Appétit: If you’re looking for something savory, try the Storming of the Basil oregano-infused crepes, stuffed with chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, and pesto.

The Paris Creperie caters, too. Like them on Facebook to get in touch.

Ready for Breakfast?

Lighter than a pancake yet packed with more flavor, the crepe is the perfect choice to satisfy any craving. If you’re looking to find your next breakfast spot, try all three of these restaurants near Brockton, Massachusetts. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.