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Guide to the 10th Annual Strides for Teen Success Run MA

If you’re looking to make your community better, then the youth are a good place to start. Specifically, you can help to improve the lives and education of teens and young adults who will someday grow into our community’s leader.runner_tie_shoes

Every year, the Strides for Teen Success Run & Walk is held in Brockton for just this purpose. If you’re not familiar with this wonderful event, then take a look at this guide our team at Nissan 24 have put together.

About the Strides for Teen Success Run & Walk

Where & When?

This year, the 10th Annual Strides for Teen Success Run & Walk is being held on April 22nd at Westgate Harry’s Pub & Grill. The race will start at 10am, but you can arrive as late as 9am to register.

How Much Does It Cost?

The registration fee is only $15. While you can wait until the morning of to sign up, early registration is a great idea.

In fact, if you’re one of the first 100 participants to register, you will receive a free Bondi Band to accessorize your run!


How Difficult is the Run?

This run can be as a difficult as you want it to be. If you don’t consider yourself a runner, but would still like to participate, feel free to walk the entire way.

Participants can choose a two or four-mile course. Both take place on a flat, paved surface with only one small hill along the way.

Who Does the Race Benefit?

All proceeds ultimately go towards the DCF Kids Fund, Inc., which helps local kids and young adults in the foster care system. The goal of DCF is to help these neglected children to fulfill their educational potential.

Each year, part of the money raised by the Strides for Teen Success Run & Walk funds DCF’s annual adolescent achievement event in June. This night shines light on all DCF kids who are graduating with a GED, high school diploma, Associate’s degree, and more.

Join This Excellent Cause Today

There are few members of our community more important than our kids—the people who will someday take the reins from us and help our town prosper. You can easily support our kids by joining the 10th Annual Strides for Teen Success Run & Walk.

Registration is easy. Visit the Run & Walk’s ticketing site to join in today!