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Winter Driving Tips for Your Nissan

When the roads get slick and icy, driving your daily routes around Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton calls for extra caution and careful judgement. To ensure you and your loved ones stay safe on the roads this winter, check out these winter driving tips for your Nissan car, truck or SUV brought to you by Nissan 24.

Winter Driving Tip #1: Keep Your Gas Tank Close to Full

When your car is low on gas, empty parts of the tank collect condensation. In the winter, a far-from-full gas tank is at risk for this built-up condensation to freeze and turn sections of your fuel lines into ice, which as you can imagine, doesn’t help get things moving. A full tank is less likely to form condensation, which is why it’s better to fuel up more frequently while the temps are cold.

Winter Driving Tip #2: Increase Your Following Distance & Decrease Your Speed

2016NissanWinterizeWhen you’re driving in low-traction conditions, your personal rules of the road should be stricter than the ones you adhere to for normal travel.

This is because driving maneuvers, from coming to a stop to executing turns, takes significantly more time to complete on a slippery surface. Maintaining an extended following distance and driving well below the speed limit will help reduce your chances of a skidding or colliding with the car in front of you. Be extra attentive to brake sooner when you see red lights glowing in the line of traffic ahead.

Winter Driving Tip #3: Know Your Nissan’s Four-Wheel Drive System

Many Nissan crossovers, trucks and SUVs are available in all-wheel or four-wheel drive versions. Many of the systems that are available feature different modes you can select to match the traction needed to the severity of the conditions at hand. Others use Intelligent AWD that automatically redirects torque to the wheels that need it over the course of your journey.

If you drive a Rouge, Pathfinder, Murano, Armada or Titan that’s equipped with an AWD or 4WD system, its important read up on it in your manual before you take to snowy streets.

Winter Driving Tip #4: Know When to Stay Home

winter-tire2If a snow or ice storm is expected to come through, keep an eye on your area’s weather radar and report. In blizzarding conditions, it’s always safer to stay home than to risk getting stuck in a storm. And, don’t forget that it takes time to get roads treated and cleared off, especially in the aftermath of a significant snowfall. Monitor the status of conditions as reported through your local news channel and try to arrange to carpool with someone who has a four-wheel drive vehicle if you do not.

Drive Smart to Stay Safe!

Remember: spending a little extra time to get where you need to go is much of what it takes to help keep you and your passengers stay safe on the road during the winter.

Interested in ways you can fortify your Nissan for winter travel? Be sure to check out these Winter Accessories for Your Nissan, and contact Nissan 24’s certified service center in Brockton with any questions!