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Places to Start Off the New Year Near Easton, MA

Ready to make your resolutions reality? The Easton, MA, area offers a number of spots that can help you start 2016 on the right foot, whether you’re looking to get in shape, eat healthier, or spend more time on you. Read on to find out where to go.

Vagabond CrossFit

Woman_WithPersonalTrainerThe CrossFit sport, by nature, is intense; it’s total-body training that helps you engage and build multiple muscle groups. This is largely why CrossFit for beginners feels like an anomaly. But by enrolling in a CrossFit phase class with Vagabond CrossFit, you can transition into an exercise plan you’ll stick to based on your current skill level and goals for the future.

Vagabond’s unique training phases help you set and attain realistic fitness goals. This style of training is beneficial for those looking to ease into CrossFit, who may be recommended to start out in the Lifestyle Phase, all the way up to those who are looking to challenge their physical boundaries and prepare for competition who may qualify for the Scaled Up Phase. Take Vagabond’s Functional Movement Screening to see which start out phase and program is right for you.

Andrée Robère Salon & Day Spa

If you promised to treat yourself more in 2016, taking a personal day at Andrée Robère Salon & Day Spa may be just what the doctor ordered. The professional massage therapists, clinicians, and staff at Andrée Robère offer a wide array of services to help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel happier in your skin. These include slimming treatments, deep tissue massages, waxing, hair and nails, and facials.

Change your look with a new ‘do and makeup, destress for an hour or two, or select one of their spa packages that combine massage and treatments for an extra energizing visit.

Colonial House Day Spa

salon_interiorHow about a story with your spa day? Colonial House Day Spa resides in an original colonial home built during George Washington’s second term as president. Now a friendly place of pampering, you can pop in for a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage and tour a little piece of history before the beautification begins.

Colonial’s statement-making services give you what you need to turn your confidence up a notch, from eyelash extensions to hair removal and therapeutic treatments from head to toe.

The Juice Barn

Offering raw, cold-pressed, 100% organic foods and juices, The Juice Barn in Norwell, MA, is the perfect place for health-conscious resolutioners to frequent. Advocates for digestive health, cleanse-savvy health coaches, and promoters of the power of purely organic consumption, The Juice Barn’s staff is a team of holistic nutritionists that’s dedicated to more than just selling great-tasting juice.

Stop by for an organic smoothie or embark on a multi-day cleanse to kick toxins to the curb and refresh your internal system. All cleanse programs include a digestion class that teaches proper technique and benefits.

In addition to courses in cleansing, The Juice Barn hosts a number of other health-centric classes that are extremely informative and helpful for reworking your daily diet.

Whether your goals for the new year are to get fit, dolled up, calmed down, or feel your best, visiting these Easton-based businesses will definitely help you get closer to the new you. Check them out today!