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Top Driving Schools near Brockton, MA

Whether or not you like it, your teen is determined to get their driver’s license. But at least you can make sure that they’ll be safe behind the wheel by enrolling them in a professional driving school.

At Nissan 24, we set out to find the top four driving schools around Brockton, MA, so your child can learn the rules of the road and the basics of road safety.

Avon Auto Academy

Owned and operated by two former police officers, the Avon Auto Academy is a great place for your teen to learn how to drive. Plus you’ll be kept in the loop at all times on your child’s progress and what areas could use additional practice between lessons.

With a variety of hands-on and classroom lesson packages available, there’s the perfect education plan for virtually every soon-to-be driver.

Brockton Driving School

Offering a comprehensive driver’s education course, the Brockton Driving School can give your teen all of the tools and information they need to get their license. They’ll learn all about Massachusetts vehicle laws and vehicle safety during 30 hours of classroom instruction. Then they’ll go from pencils to pedals for 18 hours of on-road instruction.

On top of that, the Brockton Driving School teaches teens about proper vehicle ownership, driver’s license privileges, and how to handle special driving situations with defensive driving techniques.

Champion Driving School

The way your child is taught to drive will set the foundation for how they’ll drive the rest of their lives. At Champion Driving School, professional driving instructors deliver classroom and on-the-road training so your teen learns how to drive safely.

There’s even a special class designed for parents, so you can know exactly what’s being taught. Choose from comprehensive driving and traffic safety packages or sign up for private lessons to improve specific skills, such as parallel parking.

TNT Driving School

At TNT Driving School, students will receive personalized driving lessons from a team of certified instructors. With a strong emphasis on teaching safe driving habits, TNT holds lessons at a local high school after school is dismissed. This way your teen can go from last period class to their driving lesson.

Students who complete the driver’s education course at TNT will also enjoy 10% in auto insurance savings for three years.

At Nissan 24, we want to help the people of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton to become safer and more confident drivers, especially those getting behind the wheel for the first time. If you know another top driving school around Brockton, MA, please share it.