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Your Guide to the 2015 Weymouth Spring Carnival

The Weymouth Spring Carnival is nearly upon us! Here’s your guide to getting the most out of this delightful annual event. Put on by Fiesta Shows, New England’s traveling amusement park, the Weymouth Spring Carnival is packed full of fun that will put big smiles on the whole family.

Getting the Best Deals

Early birds get the worm! Or in this case, discounted ride tickets. Keep an eye out at local vendors for coupon books or check out the carnival website to access discounted ride tickets. The first two nights and the final night offer unlimited access to rides by purchasing wristbands. These cost $25 per person and grant you all the thrill seeking you can handle for the full day. The coupon can save you $5 per wristband—fantastic savings for Boston-area family adventures.

Your Guide to the Rides

The Weymouth Spring Carnival offer more than 100 rides, ranging from adrenaline-pumping main attractions to gentler kiddie rides. Thrill seekers can check out these rides:

  • Vertigo, a 60-foot-tall swing tower that sends you soaring over the crowds below
  • Freak Out picks up riders on a giant, swinging claw with suspended seats attached to the end and sends them spinning willy-nilly. A truly unique ride!
  • Fire Ball twists and turns in an upside-down looping roller coaster that stands 60 feet above ground and twists riders 360 degrees.
  • Seven Seas takes riders on a stormy platform adventure, rocking from side to side with a dramatic freefall sensation as they come down each “wave.”

Classic rides that will be featured include the following:

  • The classic Giant Wheel with its 60-foot LED light show and comfortable gondolas.
  • Scooter lets you get your classic bumper-car crash test on.
  • Starship Exodus allows you to feel the weightlessness of space as the spaceship uses the power of centrifugal force to lift riders off the ground.
  • A carnival classic, the Zipper thrills riders by flipping upside down while the cars around its long boom flip around freely. The boom itself rotates as well, adding to the chaos! Each car fits two to three adults.

Adults and kids alike can check out these favorites:

  • The Bungee allows kids and adults to jump like superheroes.
  • An iconic carousel allows three to ride abreast in elegant style, with a variety of beautiful horses and two chariots for those who want to avoid the climb.
  • The beloved Tilt-A-Whirl, a classic since its introduction in 1929
  • The mind-warping Vortex is a house of illusions featuring a rotating vortex tunnel you walk through.

And for the little ones:

  • Kids can save the day in the Boomers Fire Engine, a play area perfect for budding firemen.
  • Dragon Wagon is a kiddie-sized coaster on the back of a friendly dragon.
  • Mini Elephants takes kids on a gentle sky glide on the back of a flying elephant.
  • Street Racer lets pedal-to-the-metal tykes race in this kid-friendly ride.

This is just a sampling of the delightful rides, slides, and fun houses you’ll discover throughout the carnival.


The games concession area is bursting with delightful prizes and fun challenges—dart games and ring tosses, skee ball and hoop shots, and much more to test your skills. There will be many opportunities to play until you win to ensure everyone goes home with a prize.


Delight your tummy with a mouthwatering medley of classic carnival treats. They offer fried dough, candy apples, funnel cakes, burgers, pizza, cotton candy, corn dogs, Italian sausage, hot dogs, and more.

Nissan 24 would like to wish you and your family a fun, eventful spring for 2015! If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, visit us today to check out our 2015 Nissan models.