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Guide to Nissan Dashboard Lights

Dashboard warning lights are something all Nissan vehicles. They act as your system of warnings to let you know if your vehicle is in need of servicing or if you left something engaged, like your parking brake or high beams. However, when it comes to illuminated dashboard lights regarding the fluids and servicing your car may need, most drivers in Stoughton, Randolph, and Brockton tend to ignore the lights and continue driving. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious damage in the car. Here at Nissan 24, we want to help our customers know when they need to stop into our service center with guide to help you decipher what the lights on your dashboard mean.

Oil Light

Many drivers notice the oil light illuminate in their vehicle, but unfortunately, don’t head to our service center to get their oil changed. The light is one of the many signals that your vehicle is overdue for an oil change, and delaying this service can lead to both irreparable damage and engine failure. Once this light comes on, it’s imperative you head to a service center as soon as possible to get the oil change you need.

Battery Light

When this comes on, it usually means there’s something wrong with your charging system. So it could mean a bad battery where it doesn’t allow itself to charge up, or it’s a bad alternator which no longer sends a charge to the battery. Either way, if you see this light come on, it’s best to take your vehicle straight to Nissan 24 where our technicians can take a closer look at the problem to give you a proper diagnosis.

Coolant Light

When this light pop up on your dashboard, it’s definitely time to check out your systems under the hood. This means that the level of coolant into your vehicle is too low, and needs to be filled. Like the oil change, delaying this service can have your car experience serious damage like an engine overheating that can destroy the systems and cause a breakdown.

Brake Light

With the brake light, it can mean one of two things: there is a problem with your brake system or you left the parking brake engaged. If this does come on when you get in the car, the first thing you should do is check if the parking brake is engaged. If it is, disengage it and check if the light is still on. If it is, then it does mean your brakes need to be looked at. As one of the important parts within your vehicle, it’s important to head to Nissan 24 as soon as you can to schedule a brake service because without it, you can potentially be putting yourself at risk for an accident.

There are other lights that can pop up on your dashboard. To see exactly what each light indicates, check your vehicle owner manual.

The lights on your dashboard serve as your system of warning signs to let you know when your vehicle needs service. If one of these lights are illuminated on your car, or you are in need of a repair or service, talk to one of the service advisors at Nissan 24 where we’re proudly serving those in Randolph, Brockton, and Stoughton to schedule an appointment.